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Sometimes your games don’t need to take themselves all seriously. Think about how Pokemon used cute little creatures that battled one another for supremacy. Now picture that but with robots. The Robots Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series does exactly this for you. The models are cute, they’re detailed, and they’ll give your game a fun, entertaining feel. These are some of the best Robot Assets that you can get for Unity 3D

Robots Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series

Why Go With the Robots Ultimate 02 Cute Series Asset?

I mean, hey, just look at the image above, they’re cute, they’re adorable, and there’s a freaking robotic dragon. The Robots Ultimate Pack characters are made modular and they’re super easy and fun to put into your games. The pack comes with 15 characters in three groupings. You can use the three groupings to show a kind of evolutionary progress for your game. The Nozzle Robot could become the Galaxy Robot and then the Snout robot. But don’t let the fact that the models are set up that way control your game. When you make your game today, you could use the “high evolution” forms to represent stronger monsters in the group. This will help your players differentiate from the trash mobs.

The possibilities with this pack are endless as is the way when it comes to game development with Unity 3D or any engine really. This is a great collection of assets that will help you put your game together much more quickly than if you were to use UModeler or or any of the other game dev tools for indie devs. It will also certainly be cheaper than if you were to hire freelancers on That’s not to say that hiring Freelancers doesn’t have it’s place, it absolutely is essential for a great indie dev studio. But as far as getting the best robot assets for Unity, I think you’re better off with this pack.

What else Comes With the Robots Ultimate 02 Cute Series Asset

I mean, what else could you need? You get three groups of five robots for the perfect collection of mayhem inducing robots. But, you do actually get more. You get animations for those robots. Spawning, idling, turning every which way, your robots will be game ready once you’ve dowloaded the asset. Whether you want to see them bite each other, cast a spell, or simply drop dead, Meshtint Studio has you covered!

So, rather than punishing yourself by having to build every model from scratch, take advantage of the best robot assets for Unity and get yourself this amazing pack. You won’t regret it!

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