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Are you done playing games that don’t completely scratch the itch? Are you done playing a finished game and wondering why they didn’t add that one little feature? Then you’re ready to get started with game development. I have everything you’ll need to make your own game. Watch the blog and on Twitter for #YGTInspiration. Sign up for the weekly email blast about the most inspiring indie game devs, and the best new or simply reliable assets available for your games!

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When you first start into game development, the journey can feel like it will take forever. That it will be long and taxing. I’m not here telling you it won’t be. What I am going to tell you is that it is rewarding! When I posted my first app in 2016. It was honestly not my best work. It was a funny little cloud popping game. But when I started getting downloads, I got excited. I mean, really excited. It was such a rewarding thing to see.

That being said, if you’re at the start of the road, there’s a long way to go. I’ve built this website to help others who are where I was, find the conviction to bring their dreams to reality. Who knows, maybe I’ll be buying your game on Steam soon!


Below I’ve gathered some guides that will help you with various aspects of game development. Over time I will release more guides on this blog, and add to this list, eventually culminating in the best possible resource for you to get started with game development!

Getting Started

Game Design


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I love #screenshotsaturday because we always see so much of the content the indie scene is producing. What are you working on? #IndieGameDev #indiedev #indiegames Let's share some #YGTInspiration!

Kids love games, parents love kids. Games bring togetherness... or something like that anyhow! Make one with your kids!

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Ever start a project and just run into the roadblock of, "Oh no, what do I do now?" I have. If you're building a new VR game and want a leg up, check out HexaBody VR today! #GameDev #VR #GameDesign #IndieGameDev

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there to help you learn game development, but sometimes you just want to sit in a comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and read. Here's a great book to get you the foundations you need for #GameDevelopment! #GameDev

Explosions!!!! That's what you'll hear in your game once you make your own license-free explosion sound with Audacity!

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