Learn the math behind game development

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Independent game development is an extreme multidisciplinary challenge. As an indie developer, you and your team will be required to perform all the tasks normally done by a large group of developers. In situations where you’re working in a large team, the skills that everyone brings to the table often compensate for any weak areas you may have. In a small indie dev team, if you’re working alone you will have to know enough about these various fields on your own, and even if you have a small team all of these skills will need to exist among your crew.

It is for this reason that, as an Indie developer, it’s best to begin building your toolkit. The book by Eric Lengyel, Foundations of Game Development, is such a great addition to your resources. Even though for the most part in the developers are using engines such as Unity3D or Unreal Engine and understanding of the mathematics behind game development will help you build more complex and interesting games.

Foundations of Game Development, Volume 1, by Eric Lengyel Will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to make your games. From fundamental geometry, to matrices, all the way to scalar multiplication, any math that you may need to make your game will be thoroughly explained within this book.

Making a game, even when you’re using a game engine such as unity 3-D or the unreal engine, is a monumental task. As a new game developer you will often run into situations where you may not understand exactly what you’re working with. Understanding the concepts that you can find in this book, You will be far more likely to be able to comprehend that what you were working with.

While the book Foundations of Game Development, Volume 1 will not make your game for you, It will provide you with the foundational knowledge that you need to be able to see yourself through the process. While there are plenty of other fields involved in game development, if mathematics is your weak spot this book will help you fill in the gaps, and ensure that you are able to finalize your vision.

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