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Get Your Kids Interested in Game Development

You love making games, the nuances, squashing bugs, the whole nine yards, and want to spend more time with your kiddos? Well lets talk about how to get yoru kids interested in game development!

Try this book (Affiliate link above, or you can search for it on Amazon.com), or one of the many you can find on amazon that are like it. They contain simple problems that you and your kids can solve together, and allow you to work together to learn a little bit more every day.  Now, I actually did this with my son and a similar book, it was really neat. He slowly progressed from using Scratch as basically an underpowered paint program, to using it to create and tell stories and games. He really did pick up on the basics really quickly, and using the neat block based programming language allowed him to quickly pick it up and move on to bigger and better things. 

It was awesome seeing him start to take off from me, and begin making his own games on his own time. For those of you who aren’t aware, Scratch can be used on the computer, but also there is a Scratch Jr. version for the iPad that he used when I wasn’t around. I’m no longer wondering how to get your kids interested in game development, because if yours are anything like mine, they’ll leave you in their dust. Game development can be a family endeavor, you’ve just got to take the time to introduce them to your hobby. Who knows, maybe your future biggest competetor is currently leaving legos all over your living room… right now.

Eventually though we all outgrow our playgrounds, and it wasn’t long before his attention turned to something bigger and better. I’m sure I’ll be buying him some Unity books soon enough, but if you’re in the search for a way to get your kid started with game development, so they can make their game today, check out this, and other Scratch coding books on Amazon.

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