Affiliate Links and Information About Reviews

Thank you for taking the time to review my policies regarding the use of affiliate links and how I provide information to you about the products and services that I describe and display on my website.

Affiliate Links

It is important to note that any time that you follow an affiliate link, whether it be on my website or any website for that matter, the website owners may be compensated for any purchases that you go on to make. With the modern push to remove cookies and other means of tracking users, I can’t say how long things will be this way, but for the moment it is important to realize that we may be compensated if you make purchases after following links on our website.

So what can you do? If you don’t wish me to be compensated, feel free to navigate directly to the website described and find the product yourself. I won’t take offence, I swear! In this way, you can bypass the affiliate link and you won’t be tracked.


It goes without saying that I have not personally tried every item I’ve described on my site. What I do however research them thoroughly. I read the product description, I read reviews, I search Reddit and/or Twitter and try to come to a realistic view of a product. If I have not tried the product, I won’t try and trick you into thinking I have.  In the event I have tried the product in question I will make special note of this in the text, for example:

“You will notice that the documentation is outstanding.” or “The overall impression from the reviews is that these effects are perfect in a fantasy/medieval setting.” are comments that I may make when I am relaying information to you that I discovered in my research.

“I could’t believe how realistic the water looked in my game.” is a comment I may make when I’ve reviewed a water system that I have personally implemented in my game.

I hate when marketers try and make you think they have tried all eleven thousand products on their page, and I won’t be that guy. If you’re unsure, ask in the comments, I will answer you truthfully and give you as much information as I can.

Featured Game Devs

This is something that I wanted to do because it’s not always easy getting your name out there as an Indie dev. If I can help in some small way I wanted to do that. I do not pre-contact these developers, I merely stumble across something on Twitter or Reddit that I want to feature and I do it. I try and tag the developer/developers as best I can, and if they feel that my coverage is something they don’t want, or it doesn’t fit with their branding,  I will remove the post promptly. I’m trying to be here for the developer community as a whole. 

If you have any other questions, leave them below and I’ll get back to you!