The Best Worlds with Gaia Pro 2021

Making a game is a monumentous task. Generally when you’re putting it together you have an idea as to what the final product is going to look like. If you’re building a hyper realistic world, you’ve signed yourself up for an immense amount of world building work. Every aspect of your world needs to be perfect to draw the player in and suspend their sense of reality. The slightest misstep and you’ve lost the illusion you’re building. Gaia Pro 2021 is the tool you need to make the absolute best realistic worlds for your games made with the Unity Framework.

To say that the price is step is an understatement when it comes to a indie developer. However, keep in mind you will have to pay you when you build that world, and if you can get it done in a minute fraction of the time you’ll end up getting to market sooner and with less effort on your part. Gaia Pro 2021 comes with all of the features you need to build an absolutely amazing world. 

  • A setup wizard that helps you get going fast on the platform of your choice;
  • Built to be modular, you only need to use what you need, and you can save your project from all kinds of bloat;
  • Modern grass rendering system;
  • Many terrains and biomes supported;
  • Mix and match different features to make your world exactly as you’ve dreamed! Skies, lighting, wind, and various sound effects;
  • Even a weather system!

As you can see Gaia Pro 2021 has everything you need to get a stunning, fantastically realistic world built in Unity in as little time as possible. On a per feature basis you’re getting an amazing deal.

What are others saying about Gaia Pro 2021?

Overwhelmingly positive reviews, as of writing there over 1300 user ratings and over 1100 of them are 5-star! Now, I know my audience and you don’t really care of the “This is amazing 5-star!” reviews so I took some time to really delve into the one through four star reviews.

In the one star reviews, there is some concern regarding an update that appears to have occurred around February. This has perhaps rendered some of the workflows being used, and even some tutorials less than helpful. Further complicating matters is that there appear to be some crashing issues, perhaps due to older machines but perhaps not. The developer has responded to each of these comments so it is good to know that the developer is at least trying to stand behind Gaia Pro 2021.

In the three and four star reviews, there is some talk of errors that show up when first creating a new project. It seems that the developer of Gaia Pro 2021 has indicated that they are working to resolve these issues, and it is possible given how many different Unity Versions there are that this is due to that. Multiple comments make note that these issues can be bypassed, and it doesn’t really reduce the usefulness of Gaia Pro 2021.

The four star reviews, as expect, contain a lot of comments that indicate that it is a huge asset that takes a long time to load. Given the complexity of the tool I think that this should be forgiven. Also worth noting from these reviews that migrating to a newer version of Unity should be done carefully, and make sure that you read all of the developers documentation on doing such.


Overall, taking note of the reviews, and the features listed, I think you’re getting a good deal with this asset. It may have some growing pains as you get used to using Gaia Pro 2021, but that can be said of any large asset. Have you tried Gaia Pro 2021? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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