#YGTInspiration April 10, 2021

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I know I don’t get around to these as much as I’d like, but I’m making an attempt I swear! I’m currently thinking that I’m going to reduce the number of featured games to five, and then do them whenever I get the chance, no more limiting it to Saturdays! As such, here we go, the indie games and tricks that caught my eye the most this morning! Check it out if you need the inspiration to make Your Game T0day!

A Wooden Sculpture for the Ages

Now I can’t be positive, but it seems to me this is the silkiest wooden-looking sculpture ever, and I absolutely love it. The fluid movements coming from the low poly body give off a vibe that I actually really enjoy. The developer states that it’s just a test, so this may not be the end result, but I’m featuring it today so that  I can share this important fact about independent game development… AAA graphics don’t matter at all. The big studios have to do it because they think that’s what sells. Do yourself a favour though, look at the most popular independent games out there. The vast majority have great graphics, but they don’t go for hyper-realism. Work within your means, and make a great game!


Test, Test, Test…

This tweet from Bittor shows one of the greatest and most rewarding aspects of game development. The testing cycle. You’ll test every little tweak you make until the world that you’ve built comes to life. With tools like the Unity 3D Engine, Unreal Engine, and even Godot, you have everything you need to make your games feel like your own. Little tweaks and tests like this culminate in your vision becoming reality. Plus, as I said on Twitter, a super cool and rewarding explosion at the end!

Nom, Nom, Nom…

Apparently, I’m big on three-word subtitles today. Ah well, such is life. I do however want to share this awesome little clip. I love how the electricity, or energy, or whatever just envelops the little guy and then suddenly he has entered a different location. It’s smooth and clearly works well in the context. Plus, I just love the… I guess you could call them 3D pac-man type games. Very cool!


Harvesting Lumber Is a Chore!

Well of course it is, but it’s imperative to most city-building games out there that you have resources to build your cities. That being said, how you have to do it matters, and when it’s as smooth as what Against the Storm pulls off, well, it just doesn’t feel so bad. Very cool!

So Many Different Activities!

Well, in this case, it’s shelves and arcade cabinets, but look how the developer made use of scripting to enrich their world. Rather than having one cabinet and having to keep changing their selected prefab, they’ve gone and made it so that each copy is instantiated with it’s own features. This allows them to much more quickly build out their world. Super cool.

Well, that’s it for today! I’ll try not to take two months to do my next one. If you ever need help making Your Game Today, come and check back for more tips, tricks, tutorials, and inspiration!

Village Interiors Kit

Everything You Need – Village Interiors Kit

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Designing and building an entire 3D world is a huge endeavour. Add to that when you need to build each and every asset from scratch, and then turn around and find all the places you’re going to put it in your world. That’s a huge ask! Fortunately, packs like the Village Interiors Kit will quickly get you through the assembly stage and let you begin to fill your new game world!

With so many different assets included, you’ll have tons to fill your interior spaces with. The worst thing you can do is have huge sprawling empty rooms in your RPG. These rooms just don’t look real, they don’t look lived in. You want the dirt, you want clutter, you want some light sources! You want the world to feel alive and the best way to do this is to have tons of assets at your disposal. The Village Interiors kit contains over 2800 prefabs for your Unity build. That’s an insane number of different objects to bring your world to life. The asset has been out for quite some time and is in a very mature state. From barrels to forges to furniture, it will literally fill your world with everything you need to build your game today!

How well was the Village Interiors Kit Received?

Having been out for quite a while this asset has had the time to collect updates over years, as well as feedback. Taking a look at the feedback we can see that it is overwhelmingly positive. With only one 1 star review out of 350! To be thorough I decided to read that review and it does appear that some of the assets are more suited to a top-down game world. This may be something to consider, though in the video above you can see that many of the objects are quite well suited to the more traditional RPG open-world style.

For the rest of the reviews, they heap praise on the developer and outline how much this has sped up their game development. When you consider how long it could take for you to build these assets individually, it’s no surprise that this is a massive time saver. For even half as many assets, the price of the Village Interiors Kit is certainly worth it!

Brute Force Grass Shader

Best Grass Shader I’ve Seen! Brute Force – Grass Shader

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If you spend much time on Twitter, you’ve definitely stumbled upon Brute Force sharing GIFs of this grass shader from time to time. Usually, there is a stone rolling around in circles, leaving behind it a trail in the grass, sometimes with rain falling and creating their own little holes in the tiny foliage. If you’ve seen this, then you know exactly what I’m talking about with Brute Force – Grass Shader. This grass shader is something else!

With functionality that works across devices, and simple drag and drop materials, Brute Force – Grass Shader will be running in your game today! The grass is customizable, can both receive and cast shadows, and is ready to do basically whatever you need it to do. I’ve been pretty excited for this one to come out for a while because the GIFs on Twitter have been very impressive! Just look at the video in Brute Force’s tweet above! 

Are People Talking about Brute Force – Grass Shader?

Being a really new asset on the store at this time, there aren’t a lot of reviews. It’s currently rated at 4/5 stars but I expect that will increase pretty soon! Reading the one negative review it seems as though there may be a misunderstanding, and the developer has reached out to try and rectify the issue. With great developer support and a fantastic-looking product, I think this grass shader is a win!

HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit is Here to Blow You Away

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This asset is going to blow you away. I’m just going to start there. The HurricaneVR Physics Interaction toolkit is a no-brainer if you’re building a VR game, especially if you happen to already have the HexaBody VR Player Controller. These two assets make for a seriously high-powered development combination!

Watching the video above, you can see the responsive hand physics at play. You can many of the various actions that you’ll be able to take in your new world. Smashing, grabbing, stabbing, toppling. All of this saving you plenty of time in your development process!

You can even have a loose grip and move it around, honestly, HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit is a fantastic asset with plenty of uses for the independent developer, and with it, you’ll be able to make your game today.

So Many 5 Star Reviews!!!!

Okay, let’s be real for a moment. When an asset has nothing but 5-star reviews there are only two real possibilities. The first possibility is that they’re playing a game, however the second, and based on the video above and reading through these actual reviews, you can see that no games are being played here!

Multiple reviews mention purchasing both Hexabody VR Player Controller and HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit together, and watching their videos and reading their accounts it’s easy to understand why. These assets will both save you countless development hours in not having to design and build your player controller from the ground up, and then rely on the framework provided in HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit for your object interactions, again saving you hundreds of hours!

Your game can literally be playing in no time at all. The best part is, with the basics of your VR game taken care of, you can spend more time focusing on really immersing your player into the game world that you’ve built for them. Combine this with your game performing like the player will expect and you have a winning combination.

It seems if you’re developing a VR game as an indie developer using the Unity framework, this is the way to go!


Check Out Hexabody VR Player Controller for Unity!

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So you’re making a VR Game. Well if so you’ve got to check out HexaBody VR Player Controller and you just might save yourself hours of development time!

Using six different rigid bodies to build up your player character, Cloudwalkin Games’ Hexabody VR Player Controller provides you with a wonderful set up to get you moving along with your virtual reality games! Just look at the video above and how well the player is able to move through and interact with the environment. 

Your player character will be able to run, jump and crouch using the Hexabody VR system. It will take hours off of your development time, let you get through prototyping much faster, and help you on your way to making your game today! There are plenty of different settings that you can use as well to make sure that everything flows just right.

Also, if you happen to grab the HurricaneVR Physics Interactions as well, you’d end up with a variety of interesting and fun dynamics that you can use to play with your environments.

What’s the Buzz?

Sometimes extremely useful packages wind up having very divided reviews. That is NOT the case at all with the Hexabody VR Player Controller. All of the reviews on the asset store page are absolutely glowing, though many of them do stress that it works best if you also have HurricaneVR Physics Interactions.

Becomming known in the community as a full-fledged framework for your VR Player controller needs, HexaBody VR Player Controller is ready to be in your game. Are you ready to make it?


Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development Book

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So,  you’re looking for a book that’s going to jump-start your Unity game development Journey huh? Well, that’s great! Putting in a little time and effort can get you ahead much faster than if you simply tinker with the environment on your own. I do hope before you take this step you’ve taken the time to follow at least some of the tutorials on Unity’s Learning Website.If you have a chance, be sure to check out the tutorials there first as you may find what you’re looking for. That being said, not all of us learn best when we’re watching videos. Further, maybe you don’t want to be tied to your computer while you learn about game development! Those are both valid reasons to check out some great books that can help you along!

Available in both a Kindle and Paperback copy, the Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development book was designed to quickly teach you about using Unity’s newest features in a very practical way. You’ll learn about Unity’s scripting capabilities, and how you can use C# to manipulate various game mechanics. It even covers newer features like the Universal Render Pipeline and the Shader Graph. Whatever you’re getting into Unity for this book will get you up to speed.

When you decide you want to make a game, you don’t always have all the tools available right away. When you do, perhaps you don’t have the experience you need to get the game done. Following along and learning with books such as this are a great way to get your game done today! This book is literally for any would-be game developer who wants to see their creation get out into the world.

What are other people saying about it?

Well, it’s quite a popular book and rated quite well on Amazon. You’ll have no problem at all going from being a complete newb when it comes to game development, to loading up with a plan every time.

Reviews on Amazon, as usual, run the gambit. The most scathing review there mentions the lack of coverage of online lobbies and racing games. I think it’s important to stress that picking up this book, or any other book for that matter won’t make you a master game designer overnight, but rather give you the tools you’ll need to hone your skills so that you can one day build the game of your dreams.

Some reviewers mention that the pictures being in black and white can cause some issues when you are trying to compare what you are looking at on your computer to what you’re looking at in the book, however, its quite clear reading through the verified purchases that this book covers the basics of game design in a detailed and goal-oriented manner.

Overall, Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development is definitely a good bet for helping you finish your game today!