Wondering How To Make an RPG with Unity? ORK Framework 3, that’s how.

RPG Editor: ORK Framework 3

As any game developer can tell you, game development is a complicated process. There are going to be hundreds of lines of code at a minimum that contribute to many different features. Getting all of those features to work well with one another is the bane of many good game developers. When you’re not a programmer it can be overwhelming trying figure out how to make an RPG with Unity. That’s why the ORK Framework 3 was created. It was built for people who may lack some of the necessary programming skills, but make up for it with drive. Drive to see their game out among the masses on Steam, or the Epic Store!

The ORK Framework 3 is made with the belief that anyone can be a game developer. If you have the vision you can assemble a game that will meet it. The framework will take the stress out of building the minute details of your game, and help you focus on what’s fun. Developing your story, making your characters, and whatever else you get to spend more time on. You’re not going to be stuck with a very cookie cutter RPG either. When you wonder how to make an RPG with Unity, that can mean a lot of things. With the ORK Framework 3, you have access to all of them!


Features of ORK Framework 3 

So you may be wondering, what all do I get with ORK Framework 3? Will it take care of everything I need to make an RPG with Unity? Let’s find out!

Status Systems for Afflicting Your Characters

One hallmark of the modern RPG is the status effect. Your characters may be poisoned, frozen, petrified, electrocuted, confused, or even sent berserk. With ORK Framework 3, you’ll make use of the status system to control status effects, modifiers, classes, bonuses, conditions, abilities, and stat values. The Status System was designed to give you the flexibility to make the character system that you want, without the fuss. The biggest feature here is the flexibility that this will give you. Game development is tricky business, but this framework has your RPG needs covered.

A Battle A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

Wait… that doesn’t really sound right. Regardless, the battle system of an RPG will help you define how your game is played. With the ORK Framework 3, you’ll be able to choose from one of four different battle systems. You’ll be able to make a turn-based game like Pokemon. Or perhaps you want to make an Active Time or Real Time game. Maybe even a Phase based game. Once you’ve selected a type, you can tweak it to perfectly suit your needs. If that doesn’t quite work for your game today, then you can mix and match multiple different systems within a game. Setups like this may give your game its own distinctive flavour.

I am Overburdened

That’s right, inventory systems. There’s never been an RPG worth it’s salt that doesn’t involve some sort of inventory system. Your RPG will be no different when you’re using the ORK Framework 3. You’ll be able to make use of inventory slots, stacks, multiple currencies, item frameworks, equipment and crafting. Your game will feel like a true RPG in no time! As a result of just how easy it is to see up with ORK Framework 3, you’ll be playing your game in no time.

That’s Gotta Be It for ORK Framework 3 Right?

Not a chance, there’s so much more! You get Battle AI, Movement AI, factions, quests, shortcut slots, loot tables, research trees, and that’s not even all of it! Take all of these features and the Unity Engine and you’ll be in Alpha stage in no time. Your game will be wowing your customers, and you will have taken your vision and made it reality. Because of everything ORK Framework 3 brings to the table, buying this asset may be the only thing standing between you and your release date!

How is the ORK Framework 3 Documentation

With all of those amazing features, if it’s too complicating you aren’t going to be able to figure it all out right? Well, no need to worry, because ORK Framework 3 comes with an amazing set of documentation on it’s website and there are many tutorials available. Because of all the support, you won’t need to worry about how hard it’s going to be because Gaming is Love has your back! Game development can be tricky business, but with awesome assets like this one, you’ll have no trouble at all.

First Steps into a Larger World

With the ORK Framework 3, you have an awesome tool at your disposal. When you first start, there’s going to be some setup. To setup your new RPG, you’re going to need to follow these steps:

  • Import the ORK Framework 3 asset into your Unity game.
    • If you don’t intend to make use of the UI modules, you don’t need to import them. More information about this can be found on ORK Framework 3‘s website.
  • Next you can open the ORK Framework editor. This Editor can be found by clicking Window > Gaming is Love > ORK Framework. This is the same editor as Makinom. ORK Framework 3 adds Base/Controls, Game Settings, UI Settings, and Save Game Settings to the editor for you.

Once you’ve done that you move onto your first opening of the editor. Doing so will immediately create two new assets in Makinom’s data folder. The Project.asset, and the EditorData.asset. Don’t forget to save in the Makinom editor as otherwise your Project asset will remain empty!

This is basically it, and where your choices will begin to forge your game. You’ll move from here to selecting a UI System, and then shortly after that you’ll move onto the Scene Wizard, and it just becomes a bigger and bigger snowball from there. A more detailed walkthrough is available in the documentation for ORK Framework 3

Because of all of these amazing features, and the outstanding documentation, ORK Framework 3 is an outstanding asset for such an amazing game development platform like Unity. You’ll go from wondering how to make an RPG with Unity, to googling how to advertise your game because this will help you get your game to market, and your vision to the people. Have you already made your game? Share the link below and let’s see your game today!