Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity 3D

Atlas - terrain editor

Building your Unity 3D scenes can be quite the challenge. When your building outdoor scene and you have to create a believable outdoor environment, things get even trickier. This is where Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity comes in.

Atlas Terrain Editor

Combining both of generated and stamp based workflow, the Atlas Terrain Editor allows you to quickly and easily build up your outdoor environments. You’ll be able to change how stamps mesh into one another by changing their opacity as they mixed together. In this way you’ll be able to control how different portions of your environment come together.

As another benefit of using this asset, you’ll also be able to use a spline-based system to put in map features. Roads rivers and cliffs are all be easily put into your terrain using the spine-based system. All of this of course taking advantage of the Unity 3D prefab system. This allows you to stay on top of your levels organization with the Atlas Terrain Editor.

The asset boasts a powerful workflow that doesn’t impact your games performance. The asset will help you with scattering of trees, and other debris that will fill your world and make it feel alive. For easier modification, atlas train editor provides scale indicators. Since you always know the scale, you’ll have a really good idea how your final level will turn out.

Be an Artist for a Moment

Using the Atlas Terrain Editor, you’ll be able to let out your inner artist. You’ll be painting your world and it will come to life right before you. Your outdoor environments will come together quicker than we thought possible. This asset makes that possible. With many stamps available within the asset, you’ll be putting your world together in no time.

While Unity 3D does provide some terrain editing capability, Atlas Terrain Editor expands upon this greatly. These additional features are way I can definitely recommend it as an excellent addition to your game development Toolkit. When you want Your Game Today, anything that saves you time is more than worth it.

Poly Universal Pack for the Best Stylized Models

Poly Universal Pack

Polyperfect has their work cut out for them but they are providing an excellent asset. The Poly Universal Pack for Unity 3D is an outstanding collection of models. Perhaps most intriguing about this collection, is that Polyperfect intends to continually add to this asset. Currently the asset is only about $30, however it already has almost 500 prefabs for your unity projects.

Currently the models are all divided into several different collections. We have nature, primevil, Steam punk, and survival. The almost 500 prefabs of course being divided among these categories.

What Polyperfect is trying to achieve however, is that they intend to both increase the price and assets available within this pack as they add to it. This means that the earlier you buy the Poly Universal Pack, the more value you’re going to get as they provide free updates into the future.

What Does the Poly Universal Pack Contain Now?

As of now the Poly Universal Pack contains about 500 Prefab items for your Unity 3D projects. Further, it contains multiple inspiration scenes, and multiple colour textures in the texture atlas for the models to let you customize the look and feel for your project. Also the included characters are already rigged and ready to use the new projects.

The entire package simple to use well organized and ready to go. This pack has the potential to be an incredibly valuable investment as it is. Let alone as Polyperfect continues to add to this asset in the future. This pack has the potential to be an incredibly valuable investment as it is. Let alone as Polyperfect continues to add to this asset. We can’t be sure what assets that probably perfect will continue to add, but they’ve definitely demonstrated that their quality is what we expect for our games.

Now we can’t see what tomorrow brings, but if the video up there’s any indication and Polyperfect continues to add to the size that you will definitely get your moneys worth. With the amount of models that you pick up with Poly Universal Pack, you’ll have no problem making Your Game Today.

The Ocean Environment Pack for Unity 3D

Ocean Environment Pack

Indie games take place in every possible environment that you can think of. The top of a volcano, the moons of Jupiter, and even the bottom of the sea.When you think about designing an entire environment, you see just how much work there is. That’s where assets such as the Ocean Environment Pack for Unity3D comes in to play.

The Ocean Environment Pack contains the creatures, plants, and a variety of effects. Everything you need to build your game’s underwater world. You’ll be able to customize the creature’s paths, animation speeds, and intensity of effects. Just watching the video above you see how detailed the environment you can build. The Ocean Environment Pack allows you to use realistic underwater effects such as caustic sunlight, god rays, plants that sway back-and-forth and more! This asset supports the standard, URP, and HDRP render pipelines, allowing you to use them in Unity 3D as you see fit.

The Ocean Environment Pack is Customizable

All of the animations for the creatures were made using the Vertex Animation Tool. Since they were designed with the Vertex Animation Tool, they provide high performance and you can customize them using the oceans wine system. This customization is going to be key in giving you a world that feels uniquely your own.

When building your detailed underwater world, you’ll begin to see just how much work went into creating the asset and how much time you’ve saved by using the Ocean Environment Pack. All that time that you’ve saved, you’ll be able to apply to other parts of your game. You’ll be building up your story, building better character models, or putting that time into advertising. Saved time is a god send for an indie dev, because time is the thing that works most against us.

Saving You Time Building Your Ocean Environment

All that time that you’ve saved, you’ll be able to apply to other parts of your game building up your story, building better character models, or simply putting time into advertisement to get your game into the hands of your players.

Don’t you think it’s time that you made Your Game Today?

Learn the math behind game development

Independent game development is an extreme multidisciplinary challenge. As an indie developer, you and your team will be required to perform all the tasks normally done by a large group of developers. In situations where you’re working in a large team, the skills that everyone brings to the table often compensate for any weak areas you may have. In a small indie dev team, if you’re working alone you will have to know enough about these various fields on your own, and even if you have a small team all of these skills will need to exist among your crew.

It is for this reason that, as an Indie developer, it’s best to begin building your toolkit. The book by Eric Lengyel, Foundations of Game Development, is such a great addition to your resources. Even though for the most part in the developers are using engines such as Unity3D or Unreal Engine and understanding of the mathematics behind game development will help you build more complex and interesting games.

Foundations of Game Development, Volume 1, by Eric Lengyel Will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to make your games. From fundamental geometry, to matrices, all the way to scalar multiplication, any math that you may need to make your game will be thoroughly explained within this book.

Making a game, even when you’re using a game engine such as unity 3-D or the unreal engine, is a monumental task. As a new game developer you will often run into situations where you may not understand exactly what you’re working with. Understanding the concepts that you can find in this book, You will be far more likely to be able to comprehend that what you were working with.

While the book Foundations of Game Development, Volume 1 will not make your game for you, It will provide you with the foundational knowledge that you need to be able to see yourself through the process. While there are plenty of other fields involved in game development, if mathematics is your weak spot this book will help you fill in the gaps, and ensure that you are able to finalize your vision.

Understanding Game Programming Patterns

A good game has a lot to do with different difficult situations in which you find yourself. Unfortunately from a game development perspective creating these different situations can be rather difficult. You need to understand the different complexities of the game engine that you’re working with, as well as the different ways you can modify it to create a challenge that will surprise and engage the player.

The book Game Programming Patterns Will introduce you to many concepts that you will rely on and then build upon them to create the challenges of your games. Making games is a really complicated process and any resources you can find that’ll make that process less difficult to master is an excellent way to spend your limited money.

There are certain portions of this book that you may not absolutely need. If you were using one of the common gaming engines of today, such as unity 3-D or unreal engine, you may find this book goes into too much detail. However, and understanding of the intricacies of game engines, will go along way into helping you build the best game that you can build.

The Game Programming Patterns book will teach you everything you need to know to create interesting and dynamic challenges within your game. You’ll learn plenty of fundamental game development concepts that will help you make the game that you’ve always wanted to make.

Making your game today doesn’t need to be a a goal that’s out of reach. The more you learn about game development the more game will come together. This book will be a an incredible useful and important piece of your game development tool kit.

Who knows, maybe your game will be the next big indie game. You’ll never know until you try. Do you have any suggestions for other books that may help game devs? Leave a comment below!

Make a Whole World For Your Indie Game the Easy Way

When you set out to make a whole world for your indie game you’re going to realize how big a task that is. Building a believable three dimensional world for your players is a monumental task. If you don’t take advantage of procedural generation it may take you years to fully realize your new world. If you do, it may be quick but your world may lack substance, or may feel empty. These are risks we take when we decide with what scale we’re going to build our games. Fortunately, the folks over at Procedural Worlds have you covered with their World Building Bundle 2021.

World Building Bundle - 2021 Edition

When you’re trying to figure out how to generate a game world using procedural generation, you’re going to be digging through tutorials for hours and it still may not make sense. With the World Building Bundle 2021, the hard part is handled by Procedural Worlds, and you can focus on providing quality gameplay and story. With how much time you’ll save you’ll have your game on the market in no time at all!

World Building Bundle 2021

Okay, so we all know that we are almost half-way through 2022, however this package is literally timeless. Rather than designing, and placing each piece of your world bit by bit, the World Building Bundle gives you five incredible assets at a huge savings. You’ll get GeNa Pro, Gaia Pro 2021, Ambient Sounds, Pegasus, and SECTR. Each of these tools is going to help you build your game and it’s world faster than you ever thought possible.

GeNa Pro

GeNa Pro - Terrains, Villages, Roads & Rivers

As part of the World Building Bundle 2021, this is going to be a key component of your world building toolbox.  GeNa Pro is a level design system that puts you in charge and helps you to quickly and easily build out elaborate levels for your games. You’ll be able to focus on how your game actually plays while GeNa Pro takes care of the world that your game takes place in. 

GeNa Pro takes care of the nitty gritty of procedural generation for you. You can use GeNa Spawners to spawn assets into your games. You can take advantage of GeNa Rivers and Roads to build out how people move around in your world. Even take advantage of the GeNa Map Builder to procedurally create a network of towns and have them all interconnected. This asset is a miracle worker and it takes a huge bite out of the work that you’ll have to do to get your game ready. This is a fantastic piece of the World Building Bundle 2021!

Gaia Pro

Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain & Scene Generator

I’ve already written about Gaia Pro and it’s amazing capabilities that it brings to your game. I’m a huge fan of procedural generation and these guys have yet again knocked it out of the park. Where GeNa Pro builds up local areas and your levels, Gaia Pro helps you to build out your world. It does not get much better than that folks as between these two tasks you may never get your game done. Setting out to make a whole world for your indie game is a huge task. These two assets alone can get you so far along. But that’s not all…

Ambient Sounds

Ambient Sounds - Interactive Soundscapes

Even the most beautifully designed, hand crafted worlds can turn out to feel lifeless if you can’t immerse yourself in them. For your beautifully procedurally generated world, you can take advantage of Ambient Sounds. With this asset in your toolkit you’ll be ready to create interactive soundscapes for your games. You won’t need to write code and yet the worlds sounds will interact with the player exactly the way you want.

You can mix and match background noises. Play individual sound sequences together. Combine sound sequences in an interactive  way so that the player controls how each sound will come out. This asset can do so much to make your world feel absolutely alive. World Building Bundle 2021 is exactly that. A whole world, except you get to be the one who designs it!



Managing people can be difficult getting them to go exactly where you want an extreme challenge. Managing your game assets once your game is in motion can be just as difficult. In order to make your life easier While you’re making your game today, procedural worlds has created Pegasus to help you move anything along a path.

Using Pegasus you’ll be able to run cut scenes move characters exactly where you want them and have them interact perfectly with the world that you’ve created using at the other Procedural Worlds assets. While it may seem smaller portion of your overall world building model, can you imagine how much simpler it’ll make making cut scenes, controlling and preventing NPC’s from hitting each other, and so much more. It will literally help you make the world feel more alive.



Finally we have SECTR. SECTR is going to end up being an integral part of your Unity 3D development toolkit. Plug in the house you to separate your scene into a variety of sub-scenes, And each of these sub-scenes will be able to be worked with individually.

With SECTR you get access to the complete source code and a ton of online support to help you get your game ready sooner. As part of the procedural generation world building bundle 2021 for Unity 3D, this will allow you to build performant worlds, quickly and easily.

World Building Bundle 2021 is Everything You Need

Procedural Worlds really has gone above and beyond putting this bundle together for you. A more useful bundle when it comes to putting the procedure of worlds. With the world building bundle 2021 edition, it will be an hour to build a visually amazing game, that is performant and works well. No more are you wondering how to make procedurally generated worlds. You’ll already have all the tools you need. The World Building Bundle 2021 from Procedural Worlds.

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