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When it comes to new people wanting to dip their toes into the world of game development, there are always going to be a few questions. If you’re wondering about some of the more common questions for game developers, you’re in luck, we’ll be discussing a few of them here! Trying to get you more and more answers so you can get building your game today!

Do I Need to Have a Degree to Get Into Game Development?

This one’s an extremely easy question to answer. No, you absolutely do not need a degree to get into game development. Many children are even developing games using a variety of engines available to the public today. Whether you want to use Unity, Unreal,  Godot, or whatever else you can imagine, there are thousands of tutorials available to help you get your game done. With Unity and Unreal you’ll have access to the Asset Store where you can purchase assets to help fill in the gaps that you may have in your development toolkit, or you can simply put your nose to the grindstone and build those skills up. No matter your background you can definitely find a spot in Game Development!

Are Some Programming Languages Better to Learn Than Others?

This is an interesting question and you’ll come across a variety of different opinions on the matter. When it comes to game development, there are plenty of tools available that would let you entirely avoid coding if you were interested in that sort of thing. In the current game development environment, there is no need to learn any programming language at all, let alone a specific one.

The only time this may come into play is if you have your heart set on a specific game development framework. For example, if you use Unity, it would be best if you had at least the basic understanding of C#. If you want to use SpriteKit I’d hope you understand and know how to work with Swift. In the end, however, there is no set path for a game developer, and if you wanted, you could build a game using html and javascript. A game is what you make it, and you can make it however you want.

If I Make A Game Will I Need to Translate it Into Every Language?

I mean, if it’s really successful you may want to, but don’t tie yourself up with the things you’ll need to do long off into the future. First prove that you have a successful product by marketing it in your native language. If you happen to be bilingual keep in mind that stretching that bilingual muscle can sometimes double or even triple your potential audience, so maybe spend some time on it. If not, don’t worry about it, make your game in your language, and see how the reception is. If the reception is amazing, then turn around and work out then how much you’re willing to spend to have it translated – or how much time you’re willing to spend with Duolingo to do it yourself. 

My Games Suck, How Do I Get Better?

I’m going to leave it here because I stumbled upon this three times today on Quora in a couple of different forms. I want you to remember that the first video game developed was basically two sticks and a square that bounced off one another. Technology got better, sure, but so did the techniques used in game development. Take the time to nurture your skill. Practice making copies of games already available. Try out new ideas without even fleshing out entire games. Before you know it your doubts will fade away, and a game developer will stand in your shoes. Practice, practice, practice.

If you’ve got any more common questions for game developers, ask them in the comments below, I’ll try and answer as many as I can!


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