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Took a little break there but Your Game Today is back with a new #YGTInspiration post! If you’ve hit the proverbial wall and need some inspiration, never be afraid to check out what some of the other amazing game developers are doing! I’ve looked around on Twitter this week and found some great examples of ingenuity, interesting game mechanics, and just pure passion to really get you inspired. Let’s check it out!

Under Water, Environments Can Be Tricky

Just take a look at this video as the fox moves above to below the water. It takes a great deal of effort to make one environment believable and yet here we have two different environments having to be simulated at the same time. This is quite the accomplishment and requires a great deal of dedicatoin to get it done right. Plus, look at those fish!

Just for fun, here’s one more tweet from Studio 46 that I just stumbled upon. The environment is just stunning.


Dangerous Environmental Mechanics


A great side scroller game has enemies sure, but another huge aspect of the danger should come from the environment. These bridges falling out from beneath the feet of our brave adventurer call out to the games of the past, but there’s also so much you can do with it. Very nice take on an old strategy!

Fear Can Be A Powerful Story Telling Device


The self-described occult survival horror game being developed by Nix shown above is shown to have elements of the survival games we know and love. That being said, ust look at how the world appears to be tearing itself apart. A mechanic of this game being the unsettling nature of an unstable world, and playing directly with the player’s emotions. I don’t know a whole lot about this game right now, but I can tell you that playing it would put me in the right mindset for jump scares. I’m glad that I started this project on Your Game Today so that I can find and showcase all sorts of these games that are more outside the box. Great work!

Low-Fi Take, Hi-Powered Fun


Okay, this one is the real deal. I actually downloaded the demo and played it. What a trip. It’s fast-paced, and takes a little getting used to, but oh so much fun. The level was massive, and I’m absolutely certain I didn’t play the entire thing. Such a great demo. Great work Ghost Blast!

Atmosphere is Important


Why did this one stop my scrolling? I think that’s pretty clear. Look at the gif, and just contemplate how it makes you feel. The bodies strewn about, the cackling light, the movement of the characters. This is why game development is such an art form, how a game can make you feel. Great work!

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Realism Comes in Many Flavours!


This tweet caught my eye not because it’s amazingly high definition (which it is), but because the room looks like it could be lived in. The plant, the sculpture, the books organized and yet usable. The finish on the desk, the pad of paper, and sticky notes. It looks like an office I’d be proud to call my own… now about that fateful night….

It’s All Just Polygons!


From the highest graphics game to the least, if it’s in 3D one thing is certain, the whole thing is just a bunch of polygons. Math. Math is literally why we enjoy our time building and playing games. I shared this one because it does a great job showing how things come together, and… the leaf made me laugh.

The Bugs are Everywhere!


The polish on this enemy, the green lit zones, the multiple eyes and armoured carapace. I couldn’t not share it. To think that you’d have to come face to face with one of these. Even though it’s a cartoon, I think all of us could imagine this thing in 4K stomping down a hall towards us as we empty the last of our clip to no result… 

That got dark friend… 

Back to the Your Game Today inspiration post!

On the Lighter Side


To come back from the abyss a little bit there, I was hoping to find something a little more pleasant and here we are.e I don’t think enough of these types of games are made. Games that make me remember all of the simulatoin games of old, without having to wait a day or harrass my friends to speed up my crops… you know who you are. This looks fantastic, and I’m glad to have stumbled upon it!

Expanding the Options Available to the Player


I chose this last one because I think it demonstrates an excellent point. After a while playing a game you’ll begin to bore of the mechanics. This is not debatable and it will happen to every one. But, there is a lot that a game dev can do to combat this. I think one of the best of these options is to allow a character to evolve, and, even more importantly, give the player choice. 

It’s a long standing fact that the more choices a player has over their character, the longer they’re going to stick around. Sure, clothes, hair colour, and smile are great, but if you allow choices down to the mechanics level, you can encourage a player to stick around longer, and maybe even play two or three times! Since the whole point of this website is to help you make your game today, sharing a game that demostrated such a valuable point seemed appropriate. I love the spell, I love the idea of a spell system. Perhaps even a system where you can combine spells could be useful. Maybe combine a shuriken and shield spell. Or a fireball and teleport spell. Endless customization to accomodate endless play styles.

If you’re ready to get started with your game, check out the Your Game Today blog, or the guide for more information. Remember, you can do it if you’re willing to put in the time!

Well, that’s it for this week, if you were featured I thank you for sharing! If you’d like your spot removed let me know and I will have you promptly taken out. I thank all game devs for their endless contribution to the game development world. Your Game Today will be back next week with more game devs that caught my eye!

Have a good week everyone! Happy #Screenshotsaturday! 

Photo Credit: Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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