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When you set out to make a whole world for your indie game you’re going to realize how big a task that is. Building a believable three dimensional world for your players is a monumental task. If you don’t take advantage of procedural generation it may take you years to fully realize your new world. If you do, it may be quick but your world may lack substance, or may feel empty. These are risks we take when we decide with what scale we’re going to build our games. Fortunately, the folks over at Procedural Worlds have you covered with their World Building Bundle 2021.

World Building Bundle - 2021 Edition

When you’re trying to figure out how to generate a game world using procedural generation, you’re going to be digging through tutorials for hours and it still may not make sense. With the World Building Bundle 2021, the hard part is handled by Procedural Worlds, and you can focus on providing quality gameplay and story. With how much time you’ll save you’ll have your game on the market in no time at all!

World Building Bundle 2021

Okay, so we all know that we are almost half-way through 2022, however this package is literally timeless. Rather than designing, and placing each piece of your world bit by bit, the World Building Bundle gives you five incredible assets at a huge savings. You’ll get GeNa Pro, Gaia Pro 2021, Ambient Sounds, Pegasus, and SECTR. Each of these tools is going to help you build your game and it’s world faster than you ever thought possible.

GeNa Pro

GeNa Pro - Terrains, Villages, Roads & Rivers

As part of the World Building Bundle 2021, this is going to be a key component of your world building toolbox.  GeNa Pro is a level design system that puts you in charge and helps you to quickly and easily build out elaborate levels for your games. You’ll be able to focus on how your game actually plays while GeNa Pro takes care of the world that your game takes place in. 

GeNa Pro takes care of the nitty gritty of procedural generation for you. You can use GeNa Spawners to spawn assets into your games. You can take advantage of GeNa Rivers and Roads to build out how people move around in your world. Even take advantage of the GeNa Map Builder to procedurally create a network of towns and have them all interconnected. This asset is a miracle worker and it takes a huge bite out of the work that you’ll have to do to get your game ready. This is a fantastic piece of the World Building Bundle 2021!

Gaia Pro

Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain & Scene Generator

I’ve already written about Gaia Pro and it’s amazing capabilities that it brings to your game. I’m a huge fan of procedural generation and these guys have yet again knocked it out of the park. Where GeNa Pro builds up local areas and your levels, Gaia Pro helps you to build out your world. It does not get much better than that folks as between these two tasks you may never get your game done. Setting out to make a whole world for your indie game is a huge task. These two assets alone can get you so far along. But that’s not all…

Ambient Sounds

Ambient Sounds - Interactive Soundscapes

Even the most beautifully designed, hand crafted worlds can turn out to feel lifeless if you can’t immerse yourself in them. For your beautifully procedurally generated world, you can take advantage of Ambient Sounds. With this asset in your toolkit you’ll be ready to create interactive soundscapes for your games. You won’t need to write code and yet the worlds sounds will interact with the player exactly the way you want.

You can mix and match background noises. Play individual sound sequences together. Combine sound sequences in an interactive  way so that the player controls how each sound will come out. This asset can do so much to make your world feel absolutely alive. World Building Bundle 2021 is exactly that. A whole world, except you get to be the one who designs it!



Managing people can be difficult getting them to go exactly where you want an extreme challenge. Managing your game assets once your game is in motion can be just as difficult. In order to make your life easier While you’re making your game today, procedural worlds has created Pegasus to help you move anything along a path.

Using Pegasus you’ll be able to run cut scenes move characters exactly where you want them and have them interact perfectly with the world that you’ve created using at the other Procedural Worlds assets. While it may seem smaller portion of your overall world building model, can you imagine how much simpler it’ll make making cut scenes, controlling and preventing NPC’s from hitting each other, and so much more. It will literally help you make the world feel more alive.



Finally we have SECTR. SECTR is going to end up being an integral part of your Unity 3D development toolkit. Plug in the house you to separate your scene into a variety of sub-scenes, And each of these sub-scenes will be able to be worked with individually.

With SECTR you get access to the complete source code and a ton of online support to help you get your game ready sooner. As part of the procedural generation world building bundle 2021 for Unity 3D, this will allow you to build performant worlds, quickly and easily.

World Building Bundle 2021 is Everything You Need

Procedural Worlds really has gone above and beyond putting this bundle together for you. A more useful bundle when it comes to putting the procedure of worlds. With the world building bundle 2021 edition, it will be an hour to build a visually amazing game, that is performant and works well. No more are you wondering how to make procedurally generated worlds. You’ll already have all the tools you need. The World Building Bundle 2021 from Procedural Worlds.

Aren’t you ready to make Your Game Today?

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