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When you’re past wondering how to get started with game development, and ready to jump in, you’re going to quickly realize some things. One of these things is that if you try and do everything yourself, you won’t get anywhere fast. Fortunately, in 2021 we have access to a plethora of assets from a variety of sources. If you’re using Unity you’ll want to check out these 5 essential Unity assets for 3D games!

Dynamic Nature – Starter

Dynamic Nature - Starter

As the name implies, this is a starter pack that you can use to quickly get yourself up and running! Because you used this pack your game environment will be much more fleshed out and immersive for the player. Seriously, visit this asset on the asset store and just watch some of the Youtube videos showing it in action. They look fantastic! Your game will too. You’ve gotten started with game development, now it’s time to get your game release ready! With this asset we’re coming out of the gate strong with 5 essential Unity assets for 3D games.

Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature

Mountain Trees - Dynamic Nature

You’ll notice a pattern with my suggestions today. Buying 3D assets from a store can save you considerable time, but you really don’t want your game to look like every other game right? The things that stand out most to the player, such as the player character, interesting locations, and special weapons you should put the effort in to build yourself. However, rocks, trees, and the environment? If it’s trying to resemble real life, and it succeeds, technically it’ll look like every other game. As a result, you’ll be done building your game today… or very soon anyway! 

Eyes Animator

Eyes Animator

This is probably the cheapest asset on this list but one that will have a profound impact on your players. As humans, we tend to focus on the eyes, with this package you’ll be able to get the eyes of your characters and NPC’s behaving as you want. Whether you’re running a more cartoony or realistic game this pack boasts options for either. You really need to check this out and bring some realism to your game today! This is another great compliment to the 5 essential assets for Unity games that you should have.


Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

It will take you so much time if you decide to build all of your character’s animations from scratch. You can certainly save yourself some time by buying a few. Ensuring that your character is compatible with the mechanim skeleton can save you a ton of time and your characters will be crafting away in no time. Player’s expect crafting to happen a certain way, whether they are fishing, smashing a hammer, or cutting down a tree, familiar animations such as these will help immerse the player in your game today.

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

The RPG Character Mechanim Animation Pack is one of the most effective assets at saving you time if you’re building an adventure or RPG style game. Saving you from building over a thousand animations all by yourself, this pack will have your character moving, attacking, and sitting in no time at all. Even if you build your own character models, as long as they are compatible with the mecanim skeleton you’ll be able to rely on this package. This is a serious time saver. Building your game today has never been easier! Of the items on this list, this is perhaps the best of the best. With so many animations you’ll be given an insane amount of content to build up the variability in your game.

These are our 5 Essential Unity Assets for 3D Games

Remember, variability helps the player to feel immersed, and prevent them from feeling as though they are tied to a specific track. With these 5 essential Unity assets for 3D games, none of which would take “center stage” so to speak, your game won’t stand out for the wrong reasons, and the amazing game you’ve built will come to life. Variability is important, for more information see my article on maximizing the replayability of your game or see my home page for more guides and ideas!

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