Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development Book

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So,  you’re looking for a book that’s going to jump-start your Unity game development Journey huh? Well, that’s great! Putting in a little time and effort can get you ahead much faster than if you simply tinker with the environment on your own. I do hope before you take this step you’ve taken the time to follow at least some of the tutorials on Unity’s Learning Website.If you have a chance, be sure to check out the tutorials there first as you may find what you’re looking for. That being said, not all of us learn best when we’re watching videos. Further, maybe you don’t want to be tied to your computer while you learn about game development! Those are both valid reasons to check out some great books that can help you along!

Available in both a Kindle and Paperback copy, the Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development book was designed to quickly teach you about using Unity’s newest features in a very practical way. You’ll learn about Unity’s scripting capabilities, and how you can use C# to manipulate various game mechanics. It even covers newer features like the Universal Render Pipeline and the Shader Graph. Whatever you’re getting into Unity for this book will get you up to speed.

When you decide you want to make a game, you don’t always have all the tools available right away. When you do, perhaps you don’t have the experience you need to get the game done. Following along and learning with books such as this are a great way to get your game done today! This book is literally for any would-be game developer who wants to see their creation get out into the world.

What are other people saying about it?

Well, it’s quite a popular book and rated quite well on Amazon. You’ll have no problem at all going from being a complete newb when it comes to game development, to loading up with a plan every time.

Reviews on Amazon, as usual, run the gambit. The most scathing review there mentions the lack of coverage of online lobbies and racing games. I think it’s important to stress that picking up this book, or any other book for that matter won’t make you a master game designer overnight, but rather give you the tools you’ll need to hone your skills so that you can one day build the game of your dreams.

Some reviewers mention that the pictures being in black and white can cause some issues when you are trying to compare what you are looking at on your computer to what you’re looking at in the book, however, its quite clear reading through the verified purchases that this book covers the basics of game design in a detailed and goal-oriented manner.

Overall, Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development is definitely a good bet for helping you finish your game today!


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