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So you’re making a VR Game. Well if so you’ve got to check out HexaBody VR Player Controller and you just might save yourself hours of development time!

Using six different rigid bodies to build up your player character, Cloudwalkin Games’ Hexabody VR Player Controller provides you with a wonderful set up to get you moving along with your virtual reality games! Just look at the video above and how well the player is able to move through and interact with the environment. 

Your player character will be able to run, jump and crouch using the Hexabody VR system. It will take hours off of your development time, let you get through prototyping much faster, and help you on your way to making your game today! There are plenty of different settings that you can use as well to make sure that everything flows just right.

Also, if you happen to grab the HurricaneVR Physics Interactions as well, you’d end up with a variety of interesting and fun dynamics that you can use to play with your environments.

What’s the Buzz?

Sometimes extremely useful packages wind up having very divided reviews. That is NOT the case at all with the Hexabody VR Player Controller. All of the reviews on the asset store page are absolutely glowing, though many of them do stress that it works best if you also have HurricaneVR Physics Interactions.

Becomming known in the community as a full-fledged framework for your VR Player controller needs, HexaBody VR Player Controller is ready to be in your game. Are you ready to make it?


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