How to swap from Unity to Unreal Engine or vice versa | Game Dev Choices

There’s been a lot of talk recently of people leaving Unity for Unreal Engine 5 and even some people wanting to learn Unity who previously only knew how to make games in UE5.

So in this video I wanted to show you how you could take the knowledge of Unity and swap to Unreal Engine or the other way round!

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Tips and Tricks- 2023 Virtual Production Using Unreal- How to Use Mixamo Characters.

Interested in Creating Your Own CG videos using Unreal? Here are the basics steps I give my High School Students to teach them how to build their own Virtual Production Shorts. I will be regularly releasing video to include new tricks and tips.

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Unity’s ONE FEATURE nobody else has (as far as I’m aware).

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After trying game engines like Godot and Unreal Engine I have discovered a crucial feature I need included in my game tools. It has to do with the game view and scene view and what you can change at runtime.

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🔴 LIVE Making a Game – Blender and Unreal Engine Tips and Tricks – Let’s REFACTOR some stuff!

Game Dev Time! Today, we have a lot to do!

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Unity Tips & Tricks – Randomize Animations in 1 Minute

In this extremely short unity tutorial we will learn how to randomize the starting frame of your animations. This method works great for both 2D games and 3D games. If you feel your scene looks too uniform this is one of the things you can add extremely fast to make it feel a little bit natural.

If you would like to see it in action in 2d video here it is:

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Godot Tips and Tricks: Using Sine Waves for Dynamic Movement

Welcome to another video from The Tech Plague
In this Godot tutorial, we’ll be diving into the world of sine waves and how to use them for dynamic movement in your games. Sine waves are a powerful tool in game development and can be used to create smooth and natural movements for characters, objects, and more. We’ll start by discussing the basics of sine waves and how they work, before moving on to creating a simple example in Godot. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use sine waves in your own game development projects. So grab your copy of Godot and let’s get started!

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Exciting & Bad | Feb GameDev News – #Unity3D + 3D Model AI Generation

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Getting Started with Unity3D Game Development | Beginner Tutorials

Learn how to make a Unity3D game, using our free resources – tutorials with downloadable examples, scripts and more! This is your chance to learn Unity3D, a game engine used by many of the world’s top game companies. We will show you how to create a 3D game in Unity, develop and code it in C#

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Tips & Tricks for Sculpting Terrains | Sculpting (Part 1) | Unity Terrain Basics (2023) | EP2

Hi there! In this video, I demonstrated the most fundamental sculpting tools provided in the terrain tools, and a few tips and tricks have been included.

The terrain tools provided in Unity allows us to quickly sculpt and design beautiful landscapes for players to explore. It is so powerful and is complete free to use. Terrains are especially useful for open world and 3D games. In this series, I will be introducing its amazing features and demonstrating the design process of a 3D terrain.

This series is provided free and is targeted for beginners. It includes the latest version of the Terrain Tools package provided by Unity, as of Dec 2022. Follow this series and level up your game!


Godot 4 Platformer Tutorial – Path Follow Platforms for Better Level Design

In the fourth video on making a Platformer game with the Platformer Essential Recipes, we level up our level design tools by using Godot Engine’s Path2D and PathFollow2D to create the platform’s movement patterns.

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Kings & Pigs asset pack 👑🐷