Unreal Engine and Return to Monkey Island: The Best Gaming News of the Week – April 10, 2022

Unreal Engine and Return to Monkey Island: The Best Gaming News of the Week – April 10, 2022.
It’s a great week for nostalgists, remakes and returns but the real highlight of the week was finally getting an answer to the question: what does Master Chief’ s booty look like?
They showed the cheeks that will save us all on the Halo show.
While we calm down from that, here’s the biggest gaming news from this week and a few games we can’t wait to get our paws on in the week to come.
Happy gaming.
Return to Monkey Island!
It’s a rare treat to have a game announced and released in the same year.
We don’t want the devs toying with our emotions too much.
But toy they have with the announcement of Return to Monkey Island.
The game has been developed in secrecy for the past two years and will pick up the story where Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge left off.
LucasArts, Devolver Digital, and original creator Ron Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox have united to bring us what will hopefully be a fantastic follow up to the classic 90’s point and click games.To stay up to date with latest top stories, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the button above this video!


Nouveau Tomb Raider | Max Payne | Pixel War ! | Unreal Engine 5 | … | LES GAMING NEWS

Dans LES GAMING NEWS, on fait le point sur l’actu jeux vidéo de la semaine…

Au menu de ces GAMING NEWS #14 :

00:00 – Intro et générique
00:23 – La Guerre des Pixels sur Reddit !
01:46 – Unreal Engine 5 lancé / Annonce de Tomb Raider
04:13 – Les gagnants des BAFTA
05:01 – Collaboration LEGO x Epic Games
05:53 – Monkey Island de retour !
06:28 – Deux remakes pour Max Payne !
07:36 – Trek to Yomi daté !
08:11 – eFootball 2022 : La v1.0 débarque !
08:46 – Un show PlayStation VR2 imminent ?
09:24 – Le Zap – L’actu de la semaine en bref…
14:38 – Le One More : Slipstream – 1er vidéo Gameplay sur la chaîne !


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How to make a dialogue system in Godot like Monkey Island: part 1 analysis phase

How to make a dialogue system in Godot like Monkey Island: part 1 analysis phase

In this series, we will learn how to create a Monkey Island-style dialog system using natural language processing techniques. We will start by exploring why Monkey Island-style dialogs are so popular and analyzing their structure, then we will move on to implementing the dialog system using modern techniques such as tokenizers, part-of-speech tagging, and document similarity algorithms. Finally, we will look at how to modify and extend the dialog system to suit different applications. By the end of this series, you will have the knowledge to create your own natural language dialog system that can be used for interactive applications.

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