A Comprehensive Look At A* Pathfinding Project Pro

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

A* Pathfinding Project Pro is a top selling Unity 3D asset that will help you deal with the some of the grittiest details of game development. It can be exceedingly difficult to get your AI controlled characters to move through your levels in ways that don’t feel too robotic. The path may be set up in such a way that it’s quite obviously the long or just plain wrong way, or maybe they just keep walking into a wall for no reason. A* Pathfinding Project Pro works to rid you of that absolute pain in the indie game developer butt.

Available on the Unity Asset Store, A* Pathfinding Project Pro is the easy way to answer the question, how do I make the enemies in my game come and find my main character? Not only that, but it has so many other uses as well.

What are the Benefits of Using A* Pathfinding Project Pro

Unity 3D game development is already a massive undertaking. Even for a relatively small game, as an indie game developer you are going to be in charge of a LOT of details. What this asset can do is take a huge chunk of that burden off of you, at least as far as getting your NPC characters to move around realistically and thoughtfully anyhow.

A* Pathfinding Project Pro supports grids, navmesh, and even point and hexagonal movement graphs. Even better, it can handle the navmesh generation automatically to prevent you from even having to set it up in your level. Like the best assets on the market, it’s multithreaded so that it doesn’t impact your games performance when it counts. Pathfinding will be handled alongside your other calculations in a non obtrusive way. The result, your NPC will have great local avoidance in three different planes, as well as it only requires a single line of code to get your pathfinding call set up.

How Do I Get Started?

I’ll say you’ve made a great choice buying this Pathfinding Project, and the developer has not left you out high and dry. The Unity Asset Package contains 16 examples scenes that you can open and inspect. These scenes will help you to see the multitude of use cases for A* Pathfinding Project Pro, and figure out how to apply them to your own game.

Further, if you need more information they have demo videos and more linked from their website. With hundreds of reviews on Unity’s Asset store, and a solid just about if not 5 star rating, you really have made a great choice. You’ll be done your game in no time!

Note: This asset supports Unity 2019.3.5 or higher.

The Medieval Town – Vermillion – Your Story is Waiting

What is The Medieval Town – Vermillion?

The Medieval Town : Vermilion

The Medieval Town – Vermillion includes all the building blocks you need to quickly model complex and detailed scenes of your new favourite medieval town. With these low polygon models, you can focus on creating high-quality scenes without wasting time on extraneous detail, and before you know it you’ll have Your Game Today.

155 types of Low-poly 3D Models.- Full Demo Scene- All assets are provided with .FBX and .Prefab files.- Separate Unity packages for UModeler users.(With UModeler asset you can tweak the meshes immediately in Unity.)

Low-poly models are a popular graphic design trend, and this asset made with UModeler makes it easy to create your own 3D assets. The pack brings you 155 different low-poly 3D models including buildings, furniture, and plants. The developer also provides you with a prefabricated scene for visual inspiration when you’re looking for ideas to bring these models into your own game.

How The Medieval Town – Vermillion can help you build your game faster!

This medieval village scene is perfect for your next game or animation project. The buildings are designed in the popular low-poly style and when compared to the high cost of taking the time to build these yourself it’s cost-effective. Especially if you don’t happen to already have the modelling background. They come with a beautiful textures and all fit the flow with one another to help you put your game together in no time. You’ll wonder why you ever tried to get by without it.

How Does UModeler Fit In?

We’ve covered UModeler before, and it’s just a fantastic asset in its own right. As far as The Medieval Town – Vermillion goes though, UModeler brings it to an entirely new level. As soon as you get these assets loaded into your game you can tweak them to your hearts content right in Unity! No need to go back and forth with Blender or 3Ds Max, it’s all right there!

Even better, since this asset was designed to provide separate Unity packages for UModeler users, the asset is going to make it easy for you to modify it to your hearts content. Your changes will be there right away, and ready for your game to keep making progress. Before long you’ll be starting to advertise your launch date with all the time you saved.

Is The Medieval Town – Vermillion worth it? Absolutely, with the time saved you’ll get your game out sooner, and more time on the market is more time in the hands of your fans.

Download Vermillion Now!

NOTE: This asset requires Unity 2019.4.12 or later.

Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity 3D

Atlas - terrain editor

Building your Unity 3D scenes can be quite the challenge. When your building outdoor scene and you have to create a believable outdoor environment, things get even trickier. This is where Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity comes in.

Atlas Terrain Editor

Combining both of generated and stamp based workflow, the Atlas Terrain Editor allows you to quickly and easily build up your outdoor environments. You’ll be able to change how stamps mesh into one another by changing their opacity as they mixed together. In this way you’ll be able to control how different portions of your environment come together.

As another benefit of using this asset, you’ll also be able to use a spline-based system to put in map features. Roads rivers and cliffs are all be easily put into your terrain using the spine-based system. All of this of course taking advantage of the Unity 3D prefab system. This allows you to stay on top of your levels organization with the Atlas Terrain Editor.

The asset boasts a powerful workflow that doesn’t impact your games performance. The asset will help you with scattering of trees, and other debris that will fill your world and make it feel alive. For easier modification, atlas train editor provides scale indicators. Since you always know the scale, you’ll have a really good idea how your final level will turn out.

Be an Artist for a Moment

Using the Atlas Terrain Editor, you’ll be able to let out your inner artist. You’ll be painting your world and it will come to life right before you. Your outdoor environments will come together quicker than we thought possible. This asset makes that possible. With many stamps available within the asset, you’ll be putting your world together in no time.

While Unity 3D does provide some terrain editing capability, Atlas Terrain Editor expands upon this greatly. These additional features are way I can definitely recommend it as an excellent addition to your game development Toolkit. When you want Your Game Today, anything that saves you time is more than worth it.

The Ocean Environment Pack for Unity 3D

Ocean Environment Pack

Indie games take place in every possible environment that you can think of. The top of a volcano, the moons of Jupiter, and even the bottom of the sea.When you think about designing an entire environment, you see just how much work there is. That’s where assets such as the Ocean Environment Pack for Unity3D comes in to play.

The Ocean Environment Pack contains the creatures, plants, and a variety of effects. Everything you need to build your game’s underwater world. You’ll be able to customize the creature’s paths, animation speeds, and intensity of effects. Just watching the video above you see how detailed the environment you can build. The Ocean Environment Pack allows you to use realistic underwater effects such as caustic sunlight, god rays, plants that sway back-and-forth and more! This asset supports the standard, URP, and HDRP render pipelines, allowing you to use them in Unity 3D as you see fit.

The Ocean Environment Pack is Customizable

All of the animations for the creatures were made using the Vertex Animation Tool. Since they were designed with the Vertex Animation Tool, they provide high performance and you can customize them using the oceans wine system. This customization is going to be key in giving you a world that feels uniquely your own.

When building your detailed underwater world, you’ll begin to see just how much work went into creating the asset and how much time you’ve saved by using the Ocean Environment Pack. All that time that you’ve saved, you’ll be able to apply to other parts of your game. You’ll be building up your story, building better character models, or putting that time into advertising. Saved time is a god send for an indie dev, because time is the thing that works most against us.

Saving You Time Building Your Ocean Environment

All that time that you’ve saved, you’ll be able to apply to other parts of your game building up your story, building better character models, or simply putting time into advertisement to get your game into the hands of your players.

Don’t you think it’s time that you made Your Game Today?

Make a Whole World For Your Indie Game the Easy Way

When you set out to make a whole world for your indie game you’re going to realize how big a task that is. Building a believable three dimensional world for your players is a monumental task. If you don’t take advantage of procedural generation it may take you years to fully realize your new world. If you do, it may be quick but your world may lack substance, or may feel empty. These are risks we take when we decide with what scale we’re going to build our games. Fortunately, the folks over at Procedural Worlds have you covered with their World Building Bundle 2021.

World Building Bundle - 2021 Edition

When you’re trying to figure out how to generate a game world using procedural generation, you’re going to be digging through tutorials for hours and it still may not make sense. With the World Building Bundle 2021, the hard part is handled by Procedural Worlds, and you can focus on providing quality gameplay and story. With how much time you’ll save you’ll have your game on the market in no time at all!

World Building Bundle 2021

Okay, so we all know that we are almost half-way through 2022, however this package is literally timeless. Rather than designing, and placing each piece of your world bit by bit, the World Building Bundle gives you five incredible assets at a huge savings. You’ll get GeNa Pro, Gaia Pro 2021, Ambient Sounds, Pegasus, and SECTR. Each of these tools is going to help you build your game and it’s world faster than you ever thought possible.

GeNa Pro

GeNa Pro - Terrains, Villages, Roads & Rivers

As part of the World Building Bundle 2021, this is going to be a key component of your world building toolbox.  GeNa Pro is a level design system that puts you in charge and helps you to quickly and easily build out elaborate levels for your games. You’ll be able to focus on how your game actually plays while GeNa Pro takes care of the world that your game takes place in. 

GeNa Pro takes care of the nitty gritty of procedural generation for you. You can use GeNa Spawners to spawn assets into your games. You can take advantage of GeNa Rivers and Roads to build out how people move around in your world. Even take advantage of the GeNa Map Builder to procedurally create a network of towns and have them all interconnected. This asset is a miracle worker and it takes a huge bite out of the work that you’ll have to do to get your game ready. This is a fantastic piece of the World Building Bundle 2021!

Gaia Pro

Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain & Scene Generator

I’ve already written about Gaia Pro and it’s amazing capabilities that it brings to your game. I’m a huge fan of procedural generation and these guys have yet again knocked it out of the park. Where GeNa Pro builds up local areas and your levels, Gaia Pro helps you to build out your world. It does not get much better than that folks as between these two tasks you may never get your game done. Setting out to make a whole world for your indie game is a huge task. These two assets alone can get you so far along. But that’s not all…

Ambient Sounds

Ambient Sounds - Interactive Soundscapes

Even the most beautifully designed, hand crafted worlds can turn out to feel lifeless if you can’t immerse yourself in them. For your beautifully procedurally generated world, you can take advantage of Ambient Sounds. With this asset in your toolkit you’ll be ready to create interactive soundscapes for your games. You won’t need to write code and yet the worlds sounds will interact with the player exactly the way you want.

You can mix and match background noises. Play individual sound sequences together. Combine sound sequences in an interactive  way so that the player controls how each sound will come out. This asset can do so much to make your world feel absolutely alive. World Building Bundle 2021 is exactly that. A whole world, except you get to be the one who designs it!



Managing people can be difficult getting them to go exactly where you want an extreme challenge. Managing your game assets once your game is in motion can be just as difficult. In order to make your life easier While you’re making your game today, procedural worlds has created Pegasus to help you move anything along a path.

Using Pegasus you’ll be able to run cut scenes move characters exactly where you want them and have them interact perfectly with the world that you’ve created using at the other Procedural Worlds assets. While it may seem smaller portion of your overall world building model, can you imagine how much simpler it’ll make making cut scenes, controlling and preventing NPC’s from hitting each other, and so much more. It will literally help you make the world feel more alive.



Finally we have SECTR. SECTR is going to end up being an integral part of your Unity 3D development toolkit. Plug in the house you to separate your scene into a variety of sub-scenes, And each of these sub-scenes will be able to be worked with individually.

With SECTR you get access to the complete source code and a ton of online support to help you get your game ready sooner. As part of the procedural generation world building bundle 2021 for Unity 3D, this will allow you to build performant worlds, quickly and easily.

World Building Bundle 2021 is Everything You Need

Procedural Worlds really has gone above and beyond putting this bundle together for you. A more useful bundle when it comes to putting the procedure of worlds. With the world building bundle 2021 edition, it will be an hour to build a visually amazing game, that is performant and works well. No more are you wondering how to make procedurally generated worlds. You’ll already have all the tools you need. The World Building Bundle 2021 from Procedural Worlds.

Aren’t you ready to make Your Game Today?

Wondering How To Make an RPG with Unity? ORK Framework 3, that’s how.

RPG Editor: ORK Framework 3

As any game developer can tell you, game development is a complicated process. There are going to be hundreds of lines of code at a minimum that contribute to many different features. Getting all of those features to work well with one another is the bane of many good game developers. When you’re not a programmer it can be overwhelming trying figure out how to make an RPG with Unity. That’s why the ORK Framework 3 was created. It was built for people who may lack some of the necessary programming skills, but make up for it with drive. Drive to see their game out among the masses on Steam, or the Epic Store!

The ORK Framework 3 is made with the belief that anyone can be a game developer. If you have the vision you can assemble a game that will meet it. The framework will take the stress out of building the minute details of your game, and help you focus on what’s fun. Developing your story, making your characters, and whatever else you get to spend more time on. You’re not going to be stuck with a very cookie cutter RPG either. When you wonder how to make an RPG with Unity, that can mean a lot of things. With the ORK Framework 3, you have access to all of them!


Features of ORK Framework 3 

So you may be wondering, what all do I get with ORK Framework 3? Will it take care of everything I need to make an RPG with Unity? Let’s find out!

Status Systems for Afflicting Your Characters

One hallmark of the modern RPG is the status effect. Your characters may be poisoned, frozen, petrified, electrocuted, confused, or even sent berserk. With ORK Framework 3, you’ll make use of the status system to control status effects, modifiers, classes, bonuses, conditions, abilities, and stat values. The Status System was designed to give you the flexibility to make the character system that you want, without the fuss. The biggest feature here is the flexibility that this will give you. Game development is tricky business, but this framework has your RPG needs covered.

A Battle A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

Wait… that doesn’t really sound right. Regardless, the battle system of an RPG will help you define how your game is played. With the ORK Framework 3, you’ll be able to choose from one of four different battle systems. You’ll be able to make a turn-based game like Pokemon. Or perhaps you want to make an Active Time or Real Time game. Maybe even a Phase based game. Once you’ve selected a type, you can tweak it to perfectly suit your needs. If that doesn’t quite work for your game today, then you can mix and match multiple different systems within a game. Setups like this may give your game its own distinctive flavour.

I am Overburdened

That’s right, inventory systems. There’s never been an RPG worth it’s salt that doesn’t involve some sort of inventory system. Your RPG will be no different when you’re using the ORK Framework 3. You’ll be able to make use of inventory slots, stacks, multiple currencies, item frameworks, equipment and crafting. Your game will feel like a true RPG in no time! As a result of just how easy it is to see up with ORK Framework 3, you’ll be playing your game in no time.

That’s Gotta Be It for ORK Framework 3 Right?

Not a chance, there’s so much more! You get Battle AI, Movement AI, factions, quests, shortcut slots, loot tables, research trees, and that’s not even all of it! Take all of these features and the Unity Engine and you’ll be in Alpha stage in no time. Your game will be wowing your customers, and you will have taken your vision and made it reality. Because of everything ORK Framework 3 brings to the table, buying this asset may be the only thing standing between you and your release date!

How is the ORK Framework 3 Documentation

With all of those amazing features, if it’s too complicating you aren’t going to be able to figure it all out right? Well, no need to worry, because ORK Framework 3 comes with an amazing set of documentation on it’s website and there are many tutorials available. Because of all the support, you won’t need to worry about how hard it’s going to be because Gaming is Love has your back! Game development can be tricky business, but with awesome assets like this one, you’ll have no trouble at all.

First Steps into a Larger World

With the ORK Framework 3, you have an awesome tool at your disposal. When you first start, there’s going to be some setup. To setup your new RPG, you’re going to need to follow these steps:

  • Import the ORK Framework 3 asset into your Unity game.
    • If you don’t intend to make use of the UI modules, you don’t need to import them. More information about this can be found on ORK Framework 3‘s website.
  • Next you can open the ORK Framework editor. This Editor can be found by clicking Window > Gaming is Love > ORK Framework. This is the same editor as Makinom. ORK Framework 3 adds Base/Controls, Game Settings, UI Settings, and Save Game Settings to the editor for you.

Once you’ve done that you move onto your first opening of the editor. Doing so will immediately create two new assets in Makinom’s data folder. The Project.asset, and the EditorData.asset. Don’t forget to save in the Makinom editor as otherwise your Project asset will remain empty!

This is basically it, and where your choices will begin to forge your game. You’ll move from here to selecting a UI System, and then shortly after that you’ll move onto the Scene Wizard, and it just becomes a bigger and bigger snowball from there. A more detailed walkthrough is available in the documentation for ORK Framework 3

Because of all of these amazing features, and the outstanding documentation, ORK Framework 3 is an outstanding asset for such an amazing game development platform like Unity. You’ll go from wondering how to make an RPG with Unity, to googling how to advertise your game because this will help you get your game to market, and your vision to the people. Have you already made your game? Share the link below and let’s see your game today!

Master Audio 2022 is the Best Way to Handle Sound in Unity

Master Audio 2022: AAA Sound

Game development is never an easy process. Even for a simple game there are thousands of decisions that an indie developer will have to make on their way to guiding their game to completion. Dealing with Audio doesn’t have to be one of them if you pick up Master Audio 2022.

One of the challenges that you’ll face when setting up any games is getting the audio working just right. On the face of it it seems to be a pretty simple concept. Get your audio file into a format compatible with the Unity 3D engine. Then once a condition in your script is satisfied go ahead and call the appropriate function and boom sound. Right? Well… that’s part of the story. But you’ll quickly find that you’re lacking a lot of the features that make Master Audio 2022 the amazing tool that it is. When you want to make your game today, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Master Audio 2022 is just the tool to help make sure you don’t.

What Does Master Audio 2022 Do?

Master Audio 2022 ensures that your games sound needs are meet to the highest standards of todays games. You’ll have:

  • Easily set up multiplayer, that will have all your players experiencing the same sounds at the same time. You won’t need to struggle with any extra code, just check a quick check box and you’re on your way.
  • You will save on run-time memory. Your sounds and music will load and unload automatically from your resource files and it even includes a very simple multi-language support system.
  • It’s just plain immersive! Master Audio 2022 lets you set up multi-layered music that can fade with another track, and provide you with transitions that you won’t even know happened.
  • You can experiment as you test, and then keep those changes for future use. 
  • It’s easy. No code needed, and just plain fun.

With Master Audio 2022, you’re in complete control of the audio in your game. You won’t worry about conflicting sounds playing. You’ll have an extremely easy time getting the sounds to play at just the right time. Best of all, with all of the reviews you can tell they provide an absolute stellar level of support for their product at Dark Tonic Inc.

Can You Afford Not to Get It?

Some things are worth spending a little bit of time on and you’ll find when you’re putting your game together sound can be one of them. Unless you’re an expert in the various components that Master Audio simplifies for you you’ll find it to be an excellent tool in your belt. Think of the time you’ll save not having to worry about the code for the audio components of your game. You’ll be able to focus on story, focus on graphics, or gameplay. It will open your game up to excel in other areas because you’ll already be set when it comes to audio. All thanks to Master Audio 2022.

This is one of those assets that I think literally deserves a place in every indie developers tool kit. It provides some amazing utility and saves each of us a ton of work. Perhaps you use a different solution? How have you have you handled sounds in your game today?

Best Robot Assets for Unity 3D, and they’re cute!

Sometimes your games don’t need to take themselves all seriously. Think about how Pokemon used cute little creatures that battled one another for supremacy. Now picture that but with robots. The Robots Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series does exactly this for you. The models are cute, they’re detailed, and they’ll give your game a fun, entertaining feel. These are some of the best Robot Assets that you can get for Unity 3D

Robots Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series

Why Go With the Robots Ultimate 02 Cute Series Asset?

I mean, hey, just look at the image above, they’re cute, they’re adorable, and there’s a freaking robotic dragon. The Robots Ultimate Pack characters are made modular and they’re super easy and fun to put into your games. The pack comes with 15 characters in three groupings. You can use the three groupings to show a kind of evolutionary progress for your game. The Nozzle Robot could become the Galaxy Robot and then the Snout robot. But don’t let the fact that the models are set up that way control your game. When you make your game today, you could use the “high evolution” forms to represent stronger monsters in the group. This will help your players differentiate from the trash mobs.

The possibilities with this pack are endless as is the way when it comes to game development with Unity 3D or any engine really. This is a great collection of assets that will help you put your game together much more quickly than if you were to use UModeler or or any of the other game dev tools for indie devs. It will also certainly be cheaper than if you were to hire freelancers on Fiverr.com. That’s not to say that hiring Freelancers doesn’t have it’s place, it absolutely is essential for a great indie dev studio. But as far as getting the best robot assets for Unity, I think you’re better off with this pack.

What else Comes With the Robots Ultimate 02 Cute Series Asset

I mean, what else could you need? You get three groups of five robots for the perfect collection of mayhem inducing robots. But, you do actually get more. You get animations for those robots. Spawning, idling, turning every which way, your robots will be game ready once you’ve dowloaded the asset. Whether you want to see them bite each other, cast a spell, or simply drop dead, Meshtint Studio has you covered!

So, rather than punishing yourself by having to build every model from scratch, take advantage of the best robot assets for Unity and get yourself this amazing pack. You won’t regret it!

Is It Ever too late for Game Development?


The Benefits of Getting into Game Development at Any Age

Game Development is a career that has been around forever, but recently it has started to grow and become more popular. As a function, game development has been around since humanity had time to burn, so literally forever. Today, most of what we would call game development takes place in the realm of computer and console games. Still, you have to remember that chess, checkers, and go came from somewhere. We’re going to explore whether or not it can ever be too late for game development.

Game Development is not just for kids, or even young adults anymore, as people of all ages are getting into it. This industry has been around for a long time and there are many different types of jobs in game development for people of all ages to choose from. Further, you may not even be looking to change careers. Game development can be as cathartic as painting a picture, and even if you never share what you’re working on, it’s quite likely that you’ll find it extremely fulfilling to build your own little world.

Is There A Need? Isn’t the Market Already Saturated?

There are many factors that have led to the growth of video games and gaming culture. One of them is the development of new technologies and tools, such as Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine, which have made it possible for game developers to create immersive worlds in a shorter amount of time. Requiring less and less technical knowledge, these tools that are now in the hands of the hobbyist power the most technically impressive games on the planet. Sure it doesn’t mean that everyone can make a AAA quality game, but it does mean that everyone has the tools to create something impressive.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who play video games. This can be attributed to the rise in popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. This popularity is also due to the fact that more people are able to play these games on their mobile devices due to improvements in technology.

The market for video games is not saturated because there are new innovations coming out all the time that make it possible for gamers to experience more immersive worlds than ever before. A game doesn’t need to be overly complex, and in fact the vast majority of people prefer very simple games. Think Wordle, Fruit Ninja, or Angry Birds. As games get more and more complicated there are seemingly fewer people interested, but as there are so many people playing games I doubt you will ever run out of an audience.

Where to Start When Learning How to Develop Games?

There are many options for beginners to learn how to develop games. One of the most popular ones is Unity 3D. It is an intuitive and user-friendly game engine that can be used to create 2D and 3D games.

Another option is Unreal Engine, which is a powerful game engine that has been used by AAA studios since 1998. It has been used in the development of popular games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Gears of War 4.

A third option for beginners would be Godot Engine, which was created by a team of volunteers from all around the world and it’s free to use under a very generous open source licence and once you make your game you own it, forever. I should think if you end up making any money from your project it might be good to kick some back to the development team to cover costs, but it is absolutely not necessary.

The Godot Engine is a labour of love, and it’s beautiful for that. Considering it’s completely open source, and discussed alongside the licensed Unity and Unreal engines, you know it’s a force to be reckoned with.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Game Development And Which Tools Should You Use?

Game development is a complex and expensive process. It can require a lot of time and money to create one game. That’s why there are many tools available that can help you get started with game development.

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine and Godot are some of the most popular game development tools used by indie developers. They range in price from free – which is absolutely incredible – to hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you purchase all your assets. This price range makes them perfect for beginners who are just starting out in this field with any amount of resources to put in. Remember, even if you learn one skill a week, and put an hour in at a time, eventually, you’ll wake up and have your game today.

The Best Advice for Quitting Your Job and Starting Game Design At Any Age

Today we talked about how to start in game design at any age. We looked at how people of any age can get into game development, and quite honestly I don’t think there is anyone who really shouldn’t. It is never too late for game development, and people of all ages can pursue it.

The best advice is don’t start by quitting your job and sitting yourself in front of a computer to start banging out a game. Becoming successful in game development takes time and energy. You’ll have a huge list of skills to develop, and often it can take a few games to get noticed. You can’t let this discourage you though, and if your goal is to become a financially successful game developer, stick to it. If you have the time, spend it developing skills to build the pieces you need for your game. If you have weaknesses in any areas, check out the assets available for the engine you’ve chosen, for example see these great assets for Unity 3D! (Affiliate Link)


Your first game, or even your second and third games will likely not be absolute blockbusters. Eventually though, when you’ve honed your craft and learned the intricacies of your audience, your success may surprise you. For help getting started, check out my blog at Your Game Today.

Happy Game Dev!

Modular City Alley Pack is the Perfect Alley for Your Unity 3D Game

Perfect Alley for Your Modern Games

The modular city alley pack is a set of five different alleys that you can use to create your own modern game environment. The pack features five different types of alleys with different textures, colours and shapes.

This pack is available on the Unity 3D Asset Store and compatible with any modern game concept. Is this the location of your next big deal? The site of the final battle against an alien scourge? Or simply the way to your basement apartment? Whatever the case this asset is a high-quality alley!

Modular City Alley Pack

Features of the Modular City Alley Pack

The Modular City Alley Pack is a set of prefabs and props that allow you to build an alley scene in your game. It includes over 350 prefabs, 210 wall and floor pieces, 100 props, and everything can be used in a snap to grid fashion. The pack also has swappable materials so that you can change the color of the walls or ground on a whim and make everything look perfect.

This pack is perfect for building an urban environment for your game. It would be great for a stealth mission where the player must sneak through the alleyways to get in and out without being seen by guards. Or really, any game taking place in a modern city that you’re building with Unity 3D.

Is It Worth It?

I mean just look at the video above. I’d say the worth of the asset is based on how much it can propel you forward in your games development. The Modular City Alley Pack is going to take a ton of work out of setting up your new game world. Think of all the assets you won’t have to make, and just look at that clutter.

It’s assets like these that really lend a feeling of reality to your games, and help you finish your game today.