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Class is in session! In this tutorial, I will give you some hands-on experience of how you can work with attributes in 3D objects that are included in video games. Specifically, in this tutorial, you will learn how you can use C# code via the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity to programmatically access attributes contained in a 3D Object Scene layer. Using this approach, you can use attributes to modify the display of game objects. The hands-on example is based on a tutorial that is linked below. However, I make a point of showing you how you can start to think independently from the tutorial so that you can begin to build your own map-based video game experiences. If you are interested in learning more about how geographic information systems (GIS) can be used to build video games using the Unity technology, this video will be of interest for you to get started in this direction. This video was recorded during one of my lectures at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is part of a bigger series on how to begin using the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity
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