Game Developer Working - Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

November 14, 2020 #YGTInspiration

Here is the first of a series, your November 14, 2020, #YGTInspiration. I wanted to aggregate a lot of the awesome games that were being made and shared all the time by people just like you. So this morning I perused the #ScreenShotSaturday, #GameDev, and #IndieDev hashtags, and I’m bringing you some of the coolest things I could find. Just to be clear, I have no connection with these folks, and I’m just perusing awesome projects in the works. Check these out!

Simple and Very Satisfying

There’s something to be said for being able to make a minimalist pixel-based world come to life. This screenshot encapsulates that perfectly. I mean come on, you can see the grass moving, you can feel the slight breeze that has the power lines swinging back and forth, and the clouds moving across the sky.

Colour is unnecessary in this world as the artist and game dev has done a fantastic job of bringing it to life with the fewest details they could. As a point and click game, it seems fascinating that you could get lost in a world that seems so simple, but just from this quick demonstration, I can tell that you totally could. Give Joakim a follow to see more. Looks great Joakim!

Canada is Full of these Menacing Beasts!

As a Canadian, after stumbling across this I simply can NOT share this one. Toronto the moose warrior!

This game has some slick looking graphics that remind me a bit of a more modern early 90’s game style and has fighting mechanics that would make a certain band of warrior turtles proud. I love the artwork on this one. Check out Veredilia on Twitter to see much more in their timeline!

A Battle for the Ages, or Until the Next One!

This one from Alain is a reminder that Indie Devs are on the heels of the AAA games. With a mob that looks like he’d be right at home in any of the mainstream RPG’s out there, and a combat system that appears to be top-notch even if still a work in progress, Alain seems to be on the right path here!

Honestly, look at how lush that boulder covered landscape is, and this short video does a great job making me want to see what’s in that encampment over there. Certainly not long enough.

Ho! Ho! AHHH!!!

Here’s one that you can wishlist on Steam, and it’s a perfect fit with the season. Headbangers in Holiday Helllooks to allow you to ravage the holidays like never before. Don’t take “out of stock” for an answer, if you catch my drift.

A perfect example of an indie game brought to completion, I love seeing these and I know as an aspiring game dev you do too!

Every Good Game has a Platypus

This one from Cheekynauts Entertainment has a demo up on Patreon. Evil mutant tomatoes, and a platypus. What more could you ask for?

I love the fun colours in this game, and the world seems to be interesting and exciting. Kind of like a lost island, with crates and barrels lying around. The UI seems simple and intuitive, and that death scene is both embarrassing and quite well done! 

Indie Dev with Pre-Rendered Cut Scenes

I said it a little earlier, and I’ll say it again. There are few things that the AAA’s can pull off that indie’s can’t and the gap closes year after year. This space-based Tactical RPG in development with ZeroPoint is a perfect example. I mean just look at this test render!

I can think of few games that pulled off tactical space combat really well, and none of them were released that recently. I think this one has a great shot at the market. Especially with visuals like this.

I’m Not Locked in With You, You’re Locked in With Me

Remember when it seemed every game had you reach a boss, the gates would close, and you duked it out? Well, this game gives me that kind of energy, except, well whoever’s playing isn’t messing around. See those columns flying. Stunning.

The mobs are well animated, the world is detailed and beautiful, and all of that won’t matter because you’ll be too busy avoiding massive spikes, and running that enormous sword into your enemies. Looks awesome!

First FPS Game, Nails it

So In4 here is trying to tell us this is his absolutely first attempt at making an FPS game. If it is a friend, kudos because this is fluid and epic. I’m a big proponent of the fact that graphics don’t need to be AAA quality for a game to exceed what those big studios can do. Games need heart, this video has it in spades.

Looking forward to watching this develop!

Impossible Becomes Possible

There’s no escape, or is there? This Top-Down to a side-scrolling mechanic is one that I think is pretty novel. I’ve never encountered it before anyhow. Looks like it would add a layer of intricacy and difficulty to two well-explored game types. 

Gone for a Swim

Wrapping up this first post with a nice swim in a pond. Watch the beautiful transition to the water in this one. The world is lush and filled out, and you can feel the tranquility through the screen.

I don’t know much about the game itself, but I know that this was done really well, and was worth sharing on a post meant to inspire you and allow you to get ideas for your own game dev adventures.

See any games out there that I missed this weekend? Want your game featured next week? Let me know on Twitter, or use the Contact Form! Happy Coding!