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Learn how to make a Unity3D game, using our free resources – tutorials with downloadable examples, scripts and more! This is your chance to learn Unity3D, a game engine used by many of the world’s top game companies. We will show you how to create a 3D game in Unity, develop and code it in C#

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Best Unity Tips | Game Development | GamiverseStudios | Indie Game Dev | Unity3D | Game Engine Tips

In this video, we shared 3 tips of unity which will help indie developers during Game development and programming.

Tip 1 : Adding Tooltip for any variable in the Unity Editor
Tip 2 : Executing a script without creating GameObject
Tip 3 : Loading and Saving High Score in Unity

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How to Make a 3D Space Shooter Game in Unity – Tutorial Part 7

Step-by-step Unity tutorial for beginners where you will learn how to make a 3D Space Shooter in Unity.
In this installment we add AI movement control using rigidbody physics (torque and force) and PID controllers.

Link to entire playlist for this tutorial series

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:33 – Refactor movement controls to support AI
0:08:17 – Stub out AI movement and weapon controllers
0:10:12 – Get enemy escort fighter prefab ready for flight
0:15:30 – Begin editing AI movement and weapon scripts
0:19:15 – PID Controller
0:22:00 – Implement AI Yaw control
0:36:00 – Add animated target to test AI yaw/pitch controls
0:41:21 – Implement AI Pitch control
0:44:20 – Implement AI Thrust control
0:46:25 – Add enemy ship follow camera to test AI chase logic
0:48:30 – Test having the enemy ship chase the player ship
0:50:05 – Implement AI Roll control
0:52:45 – Outro

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Link to article on using PID controllers in Unity:

PID Controllers in Unity3D

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New SDK Features for echo3D’s Unity SDK [2022]

echo3D had a large update to the Unity SDK and it’s easier to use now with fantastic features for Unity projects.

Check out what else echo3D has to offer:
– 7 echo3D Features Every XR Professional Should Know About:
– Preview Art In Your Home in Augmented Reality for Free (Tutorial, With End Result):
– How to Transfer Assets Between Projects in the echo3D Console:

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Indie Game Mini Devlog #24 - Making a Simple Action Platformer in GameMaker: Studio Part 1

Indie Game Mini Devlog #24 – Making a Simple Action Platformer in GameMaker: Studio Part 1

game, made in the GameMaker engine. This is the first devlog in a series of updates that will follow the progress of this game. In this devlog, I will discuss the planning of the project and the creation of the basic engine. I have been working on this project for the past few months and have already established the core mechanics of the game. The gameplay is focused on puzzles and exploration. The game will have a 2D pixel art style and the engine I’m building is designed to support various levels and puzzles. In the next devlog, I will be discussing the art style, audio design, and level design. I’m really excited to start sharing my progress and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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