5 Unity Tips in Tamil – Game Development in Tamil #Shorts

Here are 5 Cool Unity Tips to improve your workflow inside Unity.

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Hey Guys, Welcome to my YouTube Channel.
We are solo indie game developer from Madurai, Tamil nadu. We’ve been creating games using Unity3D for past 2 years.
We love creating 3d art and games. We use Blender for 3d Art Creation and Unity3D for Game Creation. We’ll also develop 3d tools for Unity3D, Blender & 3dsMax.

We will post game development, art creation, tips and tricks related to game development videos in this channel. All the videos will be in Tamil language only.

We are very excited to share our knowledge and learn game development along with you guys. Follow us if you want to learn more about game development.

Happy Game Devinggggg!

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Unity 2D Enemy Patrol AI in Tamil | Unity Tutorials in Tamil | Game Development in Tamil | Unity 3D

Unity 2D Enemy Patrol AI in Tamil | Unity Tutorials in Tamil | Game Development in Tamil | Unity3D

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