Sci-Fi VFX Shield. Unreal Engine 4.27-5.1. Update.

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This package is designed from the ground up so that you can create unique and attractive shield effects for your characters. The effects are suitable for the development of various projects. The asset includes ready-made materials with the instance material, as well as a shield system, which also includes many settings in the instance material and has many examples and variations. You can customize the effects of the shields as you want. The materials instance is very simple, so it will be easy for you.
Watch the video below to see some examples that go along with this asset, as well as a mini tutorial on installing a shield mesh on your character mesh:

System Energy Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1
• Textures – 2

Material Energy Shield Effect
Material Dissolve Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1
• Material function – 1

Material Glow Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1

Material Grid Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1
• Textures – 1

Material Stripes Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1
• Textures – 1

Material Tech Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 1
• Material instance – 1
• Textures – 2

Material Transparent Energy Shield Effect
• Materials – 2
• Material instance – 2
• Textures – 2

Number of Materials: 8
Number of Material instance: 8
Number of Textures: 8
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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Unreal Engine Tutorial – Coin Pickup Tutorial Series Part 4

Coin Pickup Series Part 4 where we’ll be using the coins to open the door actors in the level.

Difficulty: Beginner.

Intro : 0:00
Adding GetCoinTotal to Player Controller: 01:12
Updating the Door Logic to Check Coins: 02:00
Testing: 04:10

Base project here:

Unreal Engine version: 4.26

Track: Cytrax – Feelings (feat. Émilie Rachel) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Lens Flare provided by “Footage Island”

Recorded in OBS Studio with HyperCast Quadcast using Nvidia Broadcast.
Audio cleaned up using Audacity.


easy network epic marketplace New Update For Latest Unreal Engine Version 5.1.1 and UE 4.27.2 Plugin

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How To Make Games In Easiest Ways!

Yo Waddup Jumpers!
This video is all about how to learn to make games like me in easy way,
I have shown you the game development roadmap so you guys won’t get confused about this topic! How to make games is a very underrated topic to discuss in India! Game making is not a difficult task to learn all you need is just patience! That is why I’m trying to tell you that how to make games In the easiest ways! This is just a simple guide to guide you towards game dev with programming and without programming! even from 0 knowledge of coding/programming!

I have tried to explain 3 game engines that i know mostly to make games, which are Unreal engine ( also known as UE5 or UE4) , Unity engine and godot! Unreal engine is mostly used for making 3d AAA games where godot is mostly used to make 2d games, But unity is used in this both cases Unity3D and unity 2d is a single engine and capable of creating high quality 3d and 2d games! Its your choice to choose any engine you want! but in case you are wishing to learn from tutorials then unity is the best option as i also said in this video because also unity has many many tutorials on the internet compared to unreal and godot, there are very low chances that your bugs won’t get solved on the internet! i have also mentioned about art in this video for that you can use blender as a 3d art, photoshop, gimp or krita for 2d art and for music and sfx you can use audacity, LLMS or FL studio!

Hope this video will help you to make your own game, and start watching devlogs to learn faster! devlog is a very nice concept that you can also try!

My PC Specs –
Cpu – amd ryzen 7 2700
Gpu – rtx 2060
ram – 24gb
HDD – 1tb
SSD – 256gb
motherboard – gigabyte x470

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Unity 3D System Requirements & PC Recommendations

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Godot System Requirements –

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Brackeys Beginner Tutorial Series –

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Edge Lighting and Normal Maps for 2D Sprites – Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial

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Learn how to apply normal maps to create edge lighting for your paper 2D sprites in Unreal Engine 5!

Generic Character Asset by Brullov:

Edge Normals Script by Securas:

Beyond Authentic Pixel Art in Unreal Engine:

Aseprite Github:

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– Casiio x Sleepermane – Biomes
– Provided by Lofi Records
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📥 | Download this music (free)

0:00 Intro
0:33 Making a custom lit material
2:42 Creating a Normal Map
4:09 Applying the Normal Map
7:20 Fixing the backside lighting

Icons made by Freepik ( from Flaticon (

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Unity VS Unreal Engine 5 | Which Engine Is Best For Game Development?

One of the biggest questions I see newcomers ask, is whether they should use Unity, or Unreal Engine for game development. When it comes to making a game, both of these engines are perfectly capable of creating the same games.

In this video, I discuss topics like which engine is better suited for making mobile games, and which engines are better for 2D, and 3D game development.

I hope this video is able to give viewers a definitive guide on which engine they should use to start their game dev career.

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Interaction Starter Pack SETUP GUIDE | Unreal Engine 5 Marketplace


Join the community discord!

Watch the showcase:

This starter kit can be imported into any Unreal Engine 5 project within a matter of minutes!

Stay tuned for future tutorials and guides on expanding this Interaction System to fit the needs of any project!

00:00 Beginning
00:19 Migrating Contents
01:55 Adding Input Mappings
03:17 Project Breakdown
07:38 Adding a Physicalized Crate
09:07 Adding a Pressure Plate
09:55 Opening and Closing Doors
11:07 Tweaking the Door’s Parent Class
12:27 Adding a Kiosk
14:18 Adding an Input Slot
16:23 Blueprint Interface
16:48 Other Sliding Door Use Case
18:41 Adding a Tree
19:48 Adding an Axe
20:54 Tweaking the Breakable Item Thresholds
21:26 Outro

– Buttons
– Pressure Plates
– Input Item Slots
– Multiple types of doors (regular, sliding, and double sliding doors)
– Physics-based items
– Breakable items
– Mineable and interactable foliage (trees and rocks)
– Guns
– Pickaxes
– Synced Inputs

Number of Blueprints: (33)

Input: Keyboard and Mouse (other input can easily be added)

Network Replicated: (Not at the moment)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

Support Email:


Creating Storyboards in Unreal Engine | Unreal Fest 2022

In film and TV, Unreal Engine and virtual production go hand in hand. But did you know you can use it during the concept stage—even for quick sketches? Learn how to create stunning 2D/3D storyboards in-engine with the free ILIAD and EPOS plugins and start connecting artists up and down the chain.

We’re excited to bring you sessions from Unreal Fest 2022, available to watch on demand:


🔴 LIVE Making a Game – Blender and Unreal Engine Tips and Tricks – Let’s REFACTOR some stuff!

Game Dev Time! Today, we have a lot to do!

Hang out if you want to. Don’t if you don’t. Who am I to tell you otherwise? Stick around to learn how to use Unreal Engine or how to use Blender!

Like and subscribe if you want I guess.

The rules are simple: Don’t be mean.

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Unreal Engine: 4 advanced tips to optimize your projects with FPS increase with examples

My name is Daniel Pintado, I am bilingual (English and Spanish) and video game creator since Unreal Engine 3.

I’ve created a video game studio to help all you video game indie creators to create their games much easier. Providing you with assets, blueprints, animations and my personalized help. I can help you in every stage of your video game creation process including how to get grants from Epic, Kickstarter, etc and even how to publish them on Steam, Epic, etc. And you don’t have to give me credit or percentage of profits or anything.

If you want to help me in this project, Ko-fi is the easiest way to do it.


The rules for help in your project or game are posted here and will be updated regularly:

Don’t feel obligated to commit if you don’t have funds to spare. Your opinions, likes and comments on my videos already mean a lot to me and I cannot and will not ask you to go beyond your means.
If still you want to help and you do not have the means. You can help me in other non-economic aspects of game development. Any help will be appreciated.


Also if you need help in the tutorial or have a video tutorial or gameplay request, you can also write me on Discord.

Thank you for your support, sincerely:
Daniel Pintado Game Development Studios


Mi nombre es Daniel Pintado, soy bilingüe (inglés y español) y creador de videojuegos desde Unreal Engine 3.

Creé un estudio de videojuegos para ayudar a todos los creadores independientes de videojuegos a crear sus juegos mucho más fácilmente. Proporcionándole assets, blueprints, animaciones y mi ayuda personalizada. Puedo ayudarte en cada etapa de tu proceso de creación de videojuegos, incluyendo cómo obtener subvenciones de Epic, Kickstarter, etc. e incluso cómo publicarlos en Steam, Epic, etc. Y no tienes que darme crédito o porcentaje de ganancias ni nada.

Si quieres ayudarme en este proyecto, Ko-fi es la forma más fácil de hacerlo.


Las reglas de ayuda en los proyectos o juegos se publican aquí y se actualizarán periódicamente:

No te sientas obligado a comprometerse si no tiene fondos de sobra. Tus opiniones, me gusta y comentarios en mis videos ya significan mucho para mí y no puedo ni te pediré que vayas más allá de tus posibilidades.
Si todavía quieres ayudar y no tienes los medios. Puedes ayudarme en otros aspectos no económicos del desarrollo de juegos. Cualquier ayuda será apreciada.


Además, si necesitas ayuda con el tutorial o tienes un video tutorial o un request de gameplay, también puede escribirme en Discord.

Gracias por su apoyo, sinceramente:
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