Google Mars 3D to Unreal Engine 5.1 Terrain – Full Tutorial

Hey guys, how to import Google Mars 3D terrain into Unreal Engine 5.1 and make it become a prop or terrain in your game project? In this tutorial, I am going to show you step-by-step how to do this, and also how to set collision for your mars terrain so that Player can interact and walk on the terrain in your UE5.1 game project! ENJOY! and have fun! Happy animation and game dev! ENJOY!

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Google Mars 3D to Unreal Engine 5.1 Terrain – Full Tutorial

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Real-time keyboard strokes and mouse click on-screen. 100% step by step. If you follow every steps in this tutorial, it works.

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Mixamo Character Textures not Importing in Unity3D(Fix Now)

Good day my viewers, In this video, I’ll be showing you how to recover missing mixamo character textures in Unity.

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Tips & Tricks for Sculpting Terrains | Sculpting (Part 1) | Unity Terrain Basics (2023) | EP2

Hi there! In this video, I demonstrated the most fundamental sculpting tools provided in the terrain tools, and a few tips and tricks have been included.

The terrain tools provided in Unity allows us to quickly sculpt and design beautiful landscapes for players to explore. It is so powerful and is complete free to use. Terrains are especially useful for open world and 3D games. In this series, I will be introducing its amazing features and demonstrating the design process of a 3D terrain.

This series is provided free and is targeted for beginners. It includes the latest version of the Terrain Tools package provided by Unity, as of Dec 2022. Follow this series and level up your game!


Auto Generation & Streaming of Huge 3D Virtual Cities in Unity - New York's Digital Twin

Auto Generation & Streaming of Huge 3D Virtual Cities in Unity – New York's Digital Twin

This solution proposes a novel way to stream 3D world chunks in Unity in a local/remote server. By leveraging highly detailed 3D world chunks, this solution will allow developers to create immersive, interactive 3D environments that can be deployed quickly and efficiently. The chunks are created and stored in a standalone server, and can be streamed in Unity with minimal delay. This solution provides a unique way to stream 3D worlds, enabling developers to create more realistic, engaging 3D experiences.

See this video at it’s original source here.

Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity 3D

Atlas - terrain editor

Building your Unity 3D scenes can be quite the challenge. When your building outdoor scene and you have to create a believable outdoor environment, things get even trickier. This is where Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity comes in.

Atlas Terrain Editor

Combining both of generated and stamp based workflow, the Atlas Terrain Editor allows you to quickly and easily build up your outdoor environments. You’ll be able to change how stamps mesh into one another by changing their opacity as they mixed together. In this way you’ll be able to control how different portions of your environment come together.

As another benefit of using this asset, you’ll also be able to use a spline-based system to put in map features. Roads rivers and cliffs are all be easily put into your terrain using the spine-based system. All of this of course taking advantage of the Unity 3D prefab system. This allows you to stay on top of your levels organization with the Atlas Terrain Editor.

The asset boasts a powerful workflow that doesn’t impact your games performance. The asset will help you with scattering of trees, and other debris that will fill your world and make it feel alive. For easier modification, atlas train editor provides scale indicators. Since you always know the scale, you’ll have a really good idea how your final level will turn out.

Be an Artist for a Moment

Using the Atlas Terrain Editor, you’ll be able to let out your inner artist. You’ll be painting your world and it will come to life right before you. Your outdoor environments will come together quicker than we thought possible. This asset makes that possible. With many stamps available within the asset, you’ll be putting your world together in no time.

While Unity 3D does provide some terrain editing capability, Atlas Terrain Editor expands upon this greatly. These additional features are way I can definitely recommend it as an excellent addition to your game development Toolkit. When you want Your Game Today, anything that saves you time is more than worth it.