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Naughty Dog works on New AAA Title, The Witcher in Unreal Engine 5 and more! – Badger News

Hello everyone!
Welcome to a new Badger News! Today October 27 in this video I bring you the most recent gaming news around all platforms. Today, we have four interesting news that two of them are updates of both games Suicide Squad and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. But also we cover about a new project from Naughty Dog and another one by CD Project RED!

00:00:00 – Welcome
00:29:19 – New Dev Team and Naughty Dog work on New AAA Title
03:14 – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty confirmed released date
05:07 – CD Projekt to Remake The Witcher in Unreal Engine 5
07:40 – Founders and Studio Heads leave Rocksteady
10:28 – Ending

News Source:

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gets Update!


Super Mario but in 3D(Unity3D) || ChatGPT Game Tutorial || Make Complete Mario game in 1.5 hrs

Title: Super Mario but in 3D(Unity3D) || ChatGPT Game Tutorial || Make Complete Mario game in 1.5 hrs

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Chapters –
0:00:00 How we make mario 3d?
0:01:09 Start Unity3D empty project.
0:01:18 Start With ChatGPT.
0:05:18 Animations required to make 3d mario in unity?
0:05:26 How to download animation from
0:07:21 Start with Unity3D
0:07:56 Import animations in unity.
0:09:15 Import assets in unity
0:14:00 Make Animator for mario
0:18:05 How to snap gameobjects in unity?
0:19:50 Setting all mario animations
0:25:27 Move mario left or right using arrow keys in unity
0:31:12 Mario jump script using chatGPT
0:36:56 Brick break in mario 3d
0:43:00 Camera follow script in mario 3d
0:49:16 Setting animator window for mario character
1:01:35 Import Koopa & Goomba in unity mario game
1:04:05 Koopa & Goomba script in mario game
1:13:04 Coin script in Unity3D
1:18:46 Setting mario scene in unity

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All about coroutines in Unity3D👇

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Nouveau Tomb Raider | Max Payne | Pixel War ! | Unreal Engine 5 | … | LES GAMING NEWS

Dans LES GAMING NEWS, on fait le point sur l’actu jeux vidéo de la semaine…

Au menu de ces GAMING NEWS #14 :

00:00 – Intro et générique
00:23 – La Guerre des Pixels sur Reddit !
01:46 – Unreal Engine 5 lancé / Annonce de Tomb Raider
04:13 – Les gagnants des BAFTA
05:01 – Collaboration LEGO x Epic Games
05:53 – Monkey Island de retour !
06:28 – Deux remakes pour Max Payne !
07:36 – Trek to Yomi daté !
08:11 – eFootball 2022 : La v1.0 débarque !
08:46 – Un show PlayStation VR2 imminent ?
09:24 – Le Zap – L’actu de la semaine en bref…
14:38 – Le One More : Slipstream – 1er vidéo Gameplay sur la chaîne !


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🧠 Unreal Engine 5 Pro Tip! Using the Dot Product Function for Desaturation Controls!

🧠 Unreal Engine 5 Pro Tip! Using the Dot Product Function for Desaturation Controls!

In this week’s lesson, we will be exploring how to use the Dot Product function in Unreal Engine to achieve desaturation controls in your shader. The Dot Product function is a powerful tool that allows users to multiply two vectors together and then normalize the result. This can be used to calculate the brightness of a pixel, and then it can be used to desaturate certain areas of the shader. By using this function, users can create more dynamic and interesting shaders. Additionally, with the desaturation controls, it is possible to create both subtle and dramatic effects. This makes the Dot Product function a versatile tool for creating a wide variety of shader effects.

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How I *CREATED* My First DS Game!

How I *CREATED* My First DS Game!


Play DeS is a top-down shooter game created by Kenyon Bowers and released on the platform. The game has a unique blend of classic shooter mechanics and modern 3D graphics, as well as a selection of enemies, weapons, and power-ups. Players must battle their way through a variety of levels and bosses, as well as customize their character with different abilities and items. In addition, the game features a multiplayer mode where players can join together in groups to tackle the game’s challenges. The DS Game Maker Discord Server and the DS Creator Discord Server both provide helpful resources and support for the game.

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