RESOLUTION guide for game devs & GameMaker

What *is* resolution, what should you pick for your game? What is aspect ratio? How do you manage it across different devices? These questions answered with some advice that’s both general and also some GameMaker specific tips.

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▶ Smooth pixel camera guide for GameMaker:
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Making Games till i Reach the End of English Alphabet | Day 1


Melee Attack in Godot Engine (3min)
Melee Attack in Godot Engine in 3 minutes

Melee Attack in Godot Engine
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How to Make Melee Attack in Godot
How to Make Melee Attack in Unity
How to Make Melee Attack in Roblox

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W4 games rises $8.5 MILLION to support godot engine growth

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11 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Do In Unity

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Let’s take a look at some not-so commonly known things that you can do in Unity and C#. Hopefully there’s something useful in here, leave your own tips in the comments section below! 👇🏻

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Sponsor
02:11 – 01 – Start As A Coroutine
02:45 – 02 – Find And Customize Shortcuts
03:30 – 03 – Temporary Backup Files
04:27 – 04 – Locking and Duplicating The Inspector
05:11 – 05 – Reveal Serialized Property Names
05:58 – 06 – Swap Inherited Components in Debug Mode
07:00 – 07 – Polymorphic Lists
08:07 – 08 – Get Icons from Unity Objects
09:33 – 09 – Embedded Scriptable Object Editing
10:42 – 10 – Modal Editor Windows
11:34 – 11 – The [MovedFrom] Attribute
12:42 – Bonus Tip – Auto-Fix Imports in VS
13:06 – Outro

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Scriptable Object Editing –

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Develop 2D Platformer Game In Game Maker Studio | Game Maker Tutorial | Game Development #gamedev

In this project series, you will learn to develop a 2D platformer game in Game Maker Studio. You will be guided through each step of the process to develop a 2D game. In this series, you will learn to develop a platformer game.

00:00:00 – Session 0:
00:02:23 – Session 01:
00:47:55 – Session 02:
02:09:58 – Session 03:

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Turbo Tutorial – How to make Pong in 15 minutes & learn GameMaker!

Turbo tutorial round 2! Learn by doing and throw a classic game together super fast while learning all the basics of GML code. I tend to recommend making something more “yours” than a basic clone but if nostalgia gets you motivated I won’t argue!

▶ Source code:
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(Assets I used coming soon. Meanwhile, why not draw your own? 🙂 )


GameMaker – Platformer Tutorial

▶ Source code: (coming soon).
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This video is focused on how to make a solid framework for a platform game in the latest version of GameMaker (v2022.1+). If you want to make a platform game while being given a more gentle introduction to GML and coding, and learn various other techniques I recommend my Complete Platformer Series instead:


Indie Game Mini Devlog #24 - Making a Simple Action Platformer in GameMaker: Studio Part 1

Indie Game Mini Devlog #24 – Making a Simple Action Platformer in GameMaker: Studio Part 1

game, made in the GameMaker engine. This is the first devlog in a series of updates that will follow the progress of this game. In this devlog, I will discuss the planning of the project and the creation of the basic engine. I have been working on this project for the past few months and have already established the core mechanics of the game. The gameplay is focused on puzzles and exploration. The game will have a 2D pixel art style and the engine I’m building is designed to support various levels and puzzles. In the next devlog, I will be discussing the art style, audio design, and level design. I’m really excited to start sharing my progress and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

See this video at it’s original source here.