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How I made my first game with the Godot engine

This is my journey of making my very first game in the godot game engine. It’s a simple 2D choice based game. In the game I’ve used 2D sprites, tilemaps, and some scripting/coding to complete my objective.

Originally I wanted to create a game that you pick a hand, and you either win or lose. In the end it turned it a find the impostor type game. I believe the hardest part is finishing a game project of any kind no matter how small. I hope you enjoy my fumbling with godot.


Learning Godot in 30 Days: Day 6

Learning Godot in 30 Days: Day 6

NEFFEX’s “Good Day (Wake Up)” serves as an appropriate introduction to this tutorial project. It is an upbeat, motivational song that encourages the listener to take on the challenge of creating their own game. This tutorial will be about creating a small game using the skills and knowledge that the reader has already acquired. It will involve designing a game concept, setting up a development environment, and implementing the game in code. The goal is to provide the reader with a comprehensive guide to creating their own game.

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