Introducing ALAN-13 open source feature pack to kickstart your Godot game development!

If you are planning to build an isometric, grid based game in the Godot engine, you’ll probably find something useful in our open source repository:

Main features:
– Pannable, zoomable tile-based game-world
– Character movement implemented both for direct control (by the use -directional keys) and for pathfinding by clicking on a destination cell
– Event driven state-machine for character movement
– Use-case specific Manhattan A* path finding algorithm
– Responsive resource loader
– Steamworks integration
– Achievement management for Steamworks
– Blender projects for dummy assets
– C# helper and extension classes for easier navigation between Godot nodes
– Debugging tools
– Input handling extensions
– Localization management has been separated to the repositiory godot-localization-editor.


How to create isometric pathfinding in Godot - GTFT Devlog #01

How to create isometric pathfinding in Godot – GTFT Devlog #01

how it has progressed throughout the development process so far. GTFT is a 2D adventure platformer game with a unique art style that combines 8-bit pixel art with a beautiful hand-drawn aesthetic. The player takes control of a young girl, who is on a quest to save her family. Along the way she will face off against different enemies, solve puzzles and explore a huge and diverse game world. The game is being developed using the Unity game engine and I am making use of its many features to create a fun and engaging experience. I have been actively working on the game for the past year and have made great progress. I have designed the game’s core mechanics, implemented the player’s character, created a number of levels, and developed the game’s art style. I am also working on creating an original soundtrack for the game, as well as creating additional puzzles and enemies. I have been sharing my progress through a devlog series on YouTube and Twitch, and I am constantly trying to improve the game. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me and am looking forward to sharing the final product with all of you!

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