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Esta es una Preview realizada al fangame realizado por Gatete en Game Maker Studio 2 , esto lo realizo con el fin de mostrarles a futuro un proximo proyecto aparte de mario maker cw.

Creditos a Gatete Verde

Muchas Gracias por todo el apoyo

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How To Create A Multiplayer Game | GameMaker

Create an online multiplayer game easily with GameMaker.

– The “Opera GX” target is now called “”.
– Make sure to set a default region on your account:

Written Multiplayer Tutorial:
Download GameMaker Beta:
Download Sprites Package:
Read the manual:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Project
02:22 Multiplayer Set Up
04:17 Movement
05:24 Online Multiplayer
06:45 Inviting Friends
08:01 Aiming & Firing
10:18 Respawning
11:14 Scoring
12:01 Spawning Obstacles

Download GameMaker today:

Everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game. With no barriers to entry and powerful functionality, GameMaker is the ultimate 2D development environment!


I built a 3D engine in 2D (tutorial devlog) – fake 3D engine part 1

Get the example project here:

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0:00 Introduction
0:39 Getting started
0:57 Adding a new dimension
1:33 Casting shadows
2:02 Z-sorting
3:43 Rotating the camera
4:25 Moving the camera
4:48 Elevating the camera
5:28 Flattening the shadows
5:58 Z-sorting (again)
7:09 Adding gravity
7:46 Adding perspective
11:23 Frustum culling
11:49 Wrap-up
12:14 Deer Hunter III showcase
13:52 Outro


Coyote Time Tutorial for Game Maker Studio 2

Check out Into The Underdusk:

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement “coyote time”. This will allow a player to still jump a few milliseconds after they fall off of a ledge or platform. This feature will make your platform games significantly smoother and improve the overall gameplay experience. This tutorial is in Game Maker Studio 2, or Game Maker as it’s called now, and using Game Maker Language.

If you would like to support me and my work please check out my steam game Into the Underdusk!

Space Jazz by Kevin MacLeod

Late Night Radio by Kevin MacLeod


Tutorial Dungeon Crawler #24 – Dando dano no inimigo – Game Maker Studio 2

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Link das sprites:

Nesse tutorial do game maker studio 2 nós vamos dar vida para os inimigos e depois nós vamos tira-la na bala!



Game Maker Studio 2 Tutorial – (Health- Hunger- Thirstbars)

I’ll show you how to create bars that tell the player’s current health, hunger and thirst. Very simple thing. Hope you find this useful. 🙂


game maker studio 2 tutorial inventario con arrays 2

bueno amigos aquí les dejo este video del inventario anterior mejorado y terminado.

les comparto el proyecto para que puedan revisarlo y mejorarlo


Physics in Gamemaker 2 | Gamemaker 2 studio tutorial

Hi there ! Today I will show you how does physics work in Gamemaker 2. In this project , We need to create some objects in Physics room.
You can download the coding here :
Do it step by step in this clip ,your physics game will be working.
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