ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity Tutorial: 3D Object Scene Layer Attribute Filtering

Class is in session! In this tutorial, I will give you some hands-on experience of how you can work with attributes in 3D objects that are included in video games. Specifically, in this tutorial, you will learn how you can use C# code via the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity to programmatically access attributes contained in a 3D Object Scene layer. Using this approach, you can use attributes to modify the display of game objects. The hands-on example is based on a tutorial that is linked below. However, I make a point of showing you how you can start to think independently from the tutorial so that you can begin to build your own map-based video game experiences. If you are interested in learning more about how geographic information systems (GIS) can be used to build video games using the Unity technology, this video will be of interest for you to get started in this direction. This video was recorded during one of my lectures at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is part of a bigger series on how to begin using the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity
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3D attributes filtering Tutorial:


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Sci-Fi VFX Shield. Unreal Engine 4.27-5.1. Update.

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This package is designed from the ground up so that you can create unique and attractive shield effects for your characters. The effects are suitable for the development of various projects. The asset includes ready-made materials with the instance material, as well as a shield system, which also includes many settings in the instance material and has many examples and variations. You can customize the effects of the shields as you want. The materials instance is very simple, so it will be easy for you.
Watch the video below to see some examples that go along with this asset, as well as a mini tutorial on installing a shield mesh on your character mesh:

System Energy Effect
• Materials – 1
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Material Energy Shield Effect
Material Dissolve Energy Shield Effect
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Material Glow Energy Shield Effect
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Material Grid Energy Shield Effect
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Material Stripes Energy Shield Effect
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Material Tech Energy Shield Effect
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Number of Materials: 8
Number of Material instance: 8
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Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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Best Films and Teaser made with Unity Engine

Best Films and Teaser made with Unity Engine

– The Heretic short film by Unity
– Enemies – real-time cinematic teaser by Unity
– ​​Lion: A glimpse of the future with Unity Art Tools by Unity
– Adam by Unity
– Book of the Dead – Unity Interactive Demo – Teaser
– The Blacksmith – GDC 2015

Unity is a game development platform developed by Unity Technologies. Unity allows users to create mobile and desktop applications, games, and 3D environments. The Unity engine is made up of many different components, including a 3D engine, a 2D engine, a networking stack, an OS integration and more. All of these features make it versatile for creating various applications.

Many movies have been made using the Unity engine. The most famous Unity project is undoubtedly the Avengers. This movie was created using the 3D engine in Unity and featured an entirely new scenes rendered in real time. This made for a flawless and realistic movie experience. Other projects used the Unity engine to create teaser videos for future projects- such as creating models for movies or games. This allowed creators to show off their work without creating a full project.


How To Create A Multiplayer Game | GameMaker

Create an online multiplayer game easily with GameMaker.

– The “Opera GX” target is now called “”.
– Make sure to set a default region on your account:

Written Multiplayer Tutorial:
Download GameMaker Beta:
Download Sprites Package:
Read the manual:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Project
02:22 Multiplayer Set Up
04:17 Movement
05:24 Online Multiplayer
06:45 Inviting Friends
08:01 Aiming & Firing
10:18 Respawning
11:14 Scoring
12:01 Spawning Obstacles

Download GameMaker today:

Everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game. With no barriers to entry and powerful functionality, GameMaker is the ultimate 2D development environment!


Cygnus Enterprises | Unity Creator Spotlight

You can buy the game here:

Join us live with Team Miaozi as we get a first time behind the scenes look at Cygnus Enterprises.
We’ll be joined by:
– Lead Programmer, Brian Cox
– Product Manager, Oscar Lopez
– Senior AI Programmer, Louis Mondesir

We’ll be discussing this history of the studio, the game’s design, their data driven approach, level design tools, making builds and AI Implementation.


How To Make a 3D Space Shooter Game in Unity – Tutorial

In this step-by-step Unity tutorial for beginners you will learn how to make a 3D Space Shooter in Unity.

Link to entire playlist for this tutorial series

Links mentioned in the video:
Unity Hub:

Asset Store Packages:
SpaceSkies Free:
Hi-Rez Spaceships Creator Free Sample:
Free SF Fighter:
3D Games Effects Pack Free:

Source code on GitHub:

Intro – 0:00
Installing UnityHub/Unity – 0:50
Creating new Unity project – 2:00
Importing packages – 5:50
Creating main scene and adding space skybox – 12:35
Installing Odin Inspector (optional) – 24:10
Adding player ship – 29:10
Get ship flying around – 33:20
Match background camera rotation to main camera – 43:10
Adding “space dust” particle effects – 49:45
Input ship movement input controls – 54:54
Confine cursor to game window and hide it – 1:19:04
Outro – 1:28:42

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The Arena: A Multiplatform Gaming News Podcast Morning Show! Unreal Engine 5 and New Tomb Raider!

Welcome to The Arena Podcast Morning Show! Gaming News Monday through Fridays from 4:30am PDT/7:30am EST Come join us to get the latest in video game news…and have some morning coffee as well…In Full Effect!
The Arena: A Multiplatform Gaming News Podcast Morning Show! Airs weekday mornings from 4:30am PDT/7:30am EDT Monday through Friday! In the Morning Show! we go over the latest news from the world of video games and the video game industry…. and have a morning coffee as well! 🙂

Welcome to The Arena Productions YouTube channel! This channel is dedicated to creating content related to video games and the gaming industry as well as videos focusing on entertainment and pop-culture!
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game maker studio 2 tutorial inventario con arrays 2

bueno amigos aquí les dejo este video del inventario anterior mejorado y terminado.

les comparto el proyecto para que puedan revisarlo y mejorarlo


11 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Do In Unity

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Let’s take a look at some not-so commonly known things that you can do in Unity and C#. Hopefully there’s something useful in here, leave your own tips in the comments section below! 👇🏻

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Sponsor
02:11 – 01 – Start As A Coroutine
02:45 – 02 – Find And Customize Shortcuts
03:30 – 03 – Temporary Backup Files
04:27 – 04 – Locking and Duplicating The Inspector
05:11 – 05 – Reveal Serialized Property Names
05:58 – 06 – Swap Inherited Components in Debug Mode
07:00 – 07 – Polymorphic Lists
08:07 – 08 – Get Icons from Unity Objects
09:33 – 09 – Embedded Scriptable Object Editing
10:42 – 10 – Modal Editor Windows
11:34 – 11 – The [MovedFrom] Attribute
12:42 – Bonus Tip – Auto-Fix Imports in VS
13:06 – Outro

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Scriptable Object Editing –

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