RESOLUTION guide for game devs & GameMaker

What *is* resolution, what should you pick for your game? What is aspect ratio? How do you manage it across different devices? These questions answered with some advice that’s both general and also some GameMaker specific tips.

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Best Videogame Engines | UNREAL ENGINE 5 vs Unity, Frostbite, CryEngine, Decima… Which one wins?

Which engine would you say is the better looking at the moment? Take a look at these TECH DEMOS from different engines and enjoy all the INSANE GRAPHICS!

00:00 Unreal Engine 5 Real Time Tech Demo
07:42 Unity Tech Demo running at 30 fps at 4K on PlayStation 5
08:06 Enemy, Unity Real Time Cinematic Teaser
10:05 Zyva Dynamics Digital Human running in Unity
11:46 Criterion and BioWare showcase in Frostbite
12:47 Battlefield V, Frostbite Game Engine Footage
15:41 CryEngine 5.6 Tech Trailer featuring Hunt Showdown
18:31 Neon Noir, CryEngine Real Time Ray Traced Reflections
20:19 Arcadia, Real Time in Amazon’s Lumberyard
22:36 Deadhaus Sonata running in O3DE (Amazon’s Open 3D Engine)
23:50 Horizon Forbidden West showcase in Decima Engine
26:57 Death Stranding showcase in Decima Engine
29:12 Crimson Desert running in Blackspace Engine

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