Export/Import Liquid Physics Sim (ABC File) Blender to Unreal Engine Tutorial (+ Tips)

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*Tutorial compatible with Blender 3.01
*Tutorial compatible with the following Engine Versions: UE4 4.25 to 4.27, UE5

This is part of my tutorial series “Export/Import Physics Simulation from Blender”

In this tutorial video, I will show you how to export liquid simulation in ABC files from Blender and import them to UE4/UE5. I will also give you tips I have learned for a successful export/import for this type of physics simulation.

In case you would like to jump to an specific part of the tutorial, below you will see

00:00 Intro
01:43 Liquid Simulation Settings Review for Export
02:35 Choosing Relevant Models to Export
03:00 Blender – Export ABC Options
04:59 Unreal Engine – Import ABC Options
06:00 Substitute Materials
06:40 Add animation to viewport and hit play
06:59 Tips for successful liquid simulation export/import
08:13 Ending

Main 3D Model Featured in Tutorial
The product featured in this tutorial is the Honduran Burritas 3D model. This is one of the 3D models of my Honduran food collection which has cartoonish mid to low poly 3D models that shows the varied and delicious food of my lovely country, Honduras.

Created in: Blender 3.01
Compatible Engine Versions: UE4 4.25 to 4.27, UE5

This 3D model product contains the following (Blender features):
– 11 models
– 1 particle system
– Textures 1024×1024 (albedo, specular, normal)
– Animations: 5 animations as physics simulation: rigid body, soft body and fluid
– Lighting

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Dexsoft Games: News Studio 2 (Unity Engine)

News Studio 2. asset pack is created with Unity Engine and it includes a modular TV studio, 28 game-ready props and a complete example scene.

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The Ocean Environment Pack for Unity 3D

Ocean Environment Pack

Indie games take place in every possible environment that you can think of. The top of a volcano, the moons of Jupiter, and even the bottom of the sea.When you think about designing an entire environment, you see just how much work there is. That’s where assets such as the Ocean Environment Pack for Unity3D comes in to play.

The Ocean Environment Pack contains the creatures, plants, and a variety of effects. Everything you need to build your game’s underwater world. You’ll be able to customize the creature’s paths, animation speeds, and intensity of effects. Just watching the video above you see how detailed the environment you can build. The Ocean Environment Pack allows you to use realistic underwater effects such as caustic sunlight, god rays, plants that sway back-and-forth and more! This asset supports the standard, URP, and HDRP render pipelines, allowing you to use them in Unity 3D as you see fit.

The Ocean Environment Pack is Customizable

All of the animations for the creatures were made using the Vertex Animation Tool. Since they were designed with the Vertex Animation Tool, they provide high performance and you can customize them using the oceans wine system. This customization is going to be key in giving you a world that feels uniquely your own.

When building your detailed underwater world, you’ll begin to see just how much work went into creating the asset and how much time you’ve saved by using the Ocean Environment Pack. All that time that you’ve saved, you’ll be able to apply to other parts of your game. You’ll be building up your story, building better character models, or putting that time into advertising. Saved time is a god send for an indie dev, because time is the thing that works most against us.

Saving You Time Building Your Ocean Environment

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