#YGTInspiration January 16, 2021 Post!

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It’s Saturday again, which means I spent the morning trolling around Twitter and tried to find as many cool and interesting Indie game developers and their games as I could. I want you to build your game today, and the inspiration from these other developers might be just what you need. Remember, these are in no particular order, and I only selected projects that really excited me! So, in lieu of coffee, I present to you today’s #YGTInspiration post! 

Multiplayer Action RPG!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the current top tweet from a very exciting indie game dev who is almost ready to release their game. Judging from the preview above it looks like it’s got a lot of polish, and like they said it’s almost ready to go! What an exciting time in a game developer’s journey!

Visual Novels are Powerful Story Telling Devices


Just look at the way this room casts doubt and suspense on the player. I have as active an imagination as my children sure, but something about a visual novel allows the creator to literally give their ‘reader’ the exact emotions that they intended to convey. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these can be million-word novels.

And Some Creepy Arachnid Type Things!


You know, initially, I wanted to just keep scrolling because while I wouldn’t say I’m an arachnophobe, things like this are just unsettling. I swear I kill my own spiders! Regardless, I couldn’t pass up how well this was done and how the movement conveys urgency to… well… kill them all! The spiders… umm… not the lawyers… ha…

Futuristic World of R4i


I love this clip. It shows a world not so much like I’d expect the populous cities of our not-so-distant future… or Beijing… Tokyo… New York… with even more LEDs! More importantly, though this clip shows off a nice, stylized UI, fluid movement and thoughtful level design in the Unreal Engine. Very cool looking!

A Nice 2D Adventure Style Game, Now With Limited Ammo!


Might seem like a strange headline but they’re proud of it and I’m proud of them for it! Games need to have at least some challenge for them to hold onto the attention of your players. Limiting ammo forces the player to conserve it, and use it wisely, instead of just painting the walls with paintball mode on in the favourite shooter of our youths…

Anyhow, this is an excellent example of one of the ways you can increase the challenge of your game. Further, it gives you an option to increase the difficulty without just modifying the HP of the enemy. Ammo scarcity is a great game difficulty mechanic!

Are you ready to get going on your game today? If you’re through looking at today’s #YGTInspiration post, maybe some of these assets could help!

Be Prepared or Face Your Doom!

A strategy game that requires forethought and preparation! Sign me up! I love how the various units definitely have their own individual roles, and that it truly appears you need to have a little strategy going in order to progress. All in all this one looks like it’s coming together nicely! Bonus to that I found another game engine, Fusion, which I was not previously aware of. Awesome!


Majestic Floating Islands


I know a lot of games do it, but honestly, when it’s done well it looks awesome. The floating islands thing is a fantastic way to break up – I thank you – the landscape and present some variability in your game world. With the vines and such underneath to add just a little bit more to these islands, they look really nice!

Government Plaza IS Getting Pretty Awesome


I agree with Mark, this level is getting huge, and starting to look pretty damn good. Excellent work, can’t wait to see it come together and see what you do with the world!


The second that this showed up on my timeline I knew I was going to share it. I just want to see this mechanic in a sports game or something. You’re playing soccer in a field, and you kick the ball but oh no! You missed the net, it flies by and swiftly smashes into a forest as these spring-loaded monstrosities bounce about. Amazing. This is an awesome mechanic!

Cars Go Boom!


No traffic system is complete without the cars ramming each other at odd intervals and making a mess of the road. I love it. This is well put together by the looks of it and I think the random collisions is something missing from some of the bigger simulation games. Or maybe I just never noticed because I’m so focused on building my world… it’s one of the two. 

I want to thank all the game developers who strut their stuff every week, and for all those, I featured here on the Your Game Today #YGTInspiration Post, thank you so much for your contribution. If you happen to want your game removed, let me know and I’ll do so as soon as possible.

I want you to get started with your game today! Check out other posts on this blog, and our home page to find more resources for you to get started!

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