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Got a game to make but stuck in the muck? Want to get going down the path to your completed game? Maybe this week’s #YGTInspiration will help you out! I waited a bit longer into the day to start searching through the #GameDev, #IndieGameDev, and #ScreenshotSaturday hashtags to try and let more of you get your creations up this week. I think last week I went a little early, though I can’t say I regret it because there was an awesome showing!

If you were on last week, don’t worry I’m not judging against you this week. I am going to try and feature as many different Indie Developers as I can. When you are trying to figure out how to make a game, you may connect with different Indie Developers than others. That’s okay, there are all kinds of us! So, without further adieu, these are the top ten that stuck out to me today, in no particular order! 

First up this week, Heredity. Another one of those games that would fit right in with the newer AAA line up. It’s a sleek-looking RPG looking for a 2021 release. Judging from the cascading waterfalls in the trailer that @HereditytheGame has pinned on their profile, I think it’s coming along nicely too. Certainly one to look for in 2021.

Use Everything Available to You

Here’s an awesome looking 2D game made with the Godot Engine. I feel like since Unity and Unreal spend big bucks on advertising that the Godot Engine tends to get left behind. Here’s Adam showing that it’s certainly not out for the count. It’s an open-source tool that can definitely help speed your project along. If you’re making a game you should know all of the options available to you. Check out the Godot Engine and remember that Adam sent you their way!

Innovative Puzzle Game


What a unique take on those awesome puzzles that we all used to have as kids. Moving the board pieces around can lead you to your goals or down the path of ruin. I love how César used this to his advantage and created a puzzle game that will have you focused not only on how it should fit together, but also how to best avoid the mobs and pitfalls that await you. Very innovative!

Survival Games Hardly Ever Go Here!


The survival genre is absolutely nothing new. Usually, however, we see this survival genre taking place in a desert, in space, or some fancy island. You know what there isn’t enough of? Northern landscapes like you’d find in Sweden – Not at all because it’s basically like Canada right? – and this game sticks out for it. If you go to Tim’s profile and scroll down a bit, you might even catch a moose!

Combo x5


Wheel of Persona announcing that they’ve completed and are showcasing their combo system. Look at the fluid attacks and those health bars melting away. I’ve got to say that I actually really enjoy the graphics and the gameplay on this one. First off, I’m distracted by shiny things so I’m immediately drawn to all the glowing elements, but also I love how the gameplay almost reminds me of a 2D hack and slash. Certainly, an interesting game to watch!

Ready to start building your own game today? 


Technically Impressive and Ready for Alpha!


This one looked good, but when it switched to the camera view I lost it. This game looks technically sound, to say the least. The lack of colour is reminiscent of the old retro gaming days, and yet it is fluid and modern looking. It’s moved to alpha now too, so if you’re looking for a lot of inspiration, go check this one out!

Use Everything Available to You


Below the Stone! Get’s my interest immediately and seems to be borrowing from the biggest crafting games out there now, and then using them in a Rogue like world. It’s exciting, and looks like it’s coming along well. You can wishlist this one on Steam now too!

Triple A Game and the Clock is Running


Here’s Sergey with the ambitious goal of getting a AAA worthy game together, using Unity3D, in six months. Given the preview on his tweet here, I think he’s gonna… cleave it… No, that didn’t work. But seriously check out Sergei’s work!

Entering System Nostalgia


This cockpit sent some serious nostalgia vibes right through me. A good flight simulation game has become increasingly difficult to find, and this one, at least from this preview, seems to be going for the throne. Check it out!

You Wanna See My Axe?


When you want to get into Game Dev you gotta smash down the door! With your fists! Okay maybe you can just make an amazing game, but it seems like Chris over at Cobble Games is doing just that. Check out this sure to be delightful alien smashing game!

So that’s it for this week’s #YGTInspiration. Did you want your game here, use the Contact Me form or tweet at @YourGame2Day and let me know. I can’t promise I’ll get to everyone, but I’ll do what I can! Are you ready to make your game today? It’ll be great!

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