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What is The Medieval Town – Vermillion?

The Medieval Town : Vermilion

The Medieval Town – Vermillion includes all the building blocks you need to quickly model complex and detailed scenes of your new favourite medieval town. With these low polygon models, you can focus on creating high-quality scenes without wasting time on extraneous detail, and before you know it you’ll have Your Game Today.

155 types of Low-poly 3D Models.- Full Demo Scene- All assets are provided with .FBX and .Prefab files.- Separate Unity packages for UModeler users.(With UModeler asset you can tweak the meshes immediately in Unity.)

Low-poly models are a popular graphic design trend, and this asset made with UModeler makes it easy to create your own 3D assets. The pack brings you 155 different low-poly 3D models including buildings, furniture, and plants. The developer also provides you with a prefabricated scene for visual inspiration when you’re looking for ideas to bring these models into your own game.

How The Medieval Town – Vermillion can help you build your game faster!

This medieval village scene is perfect for your next game or animation project. The buildings are designed in the popular low-poly style and when compared to the high cost of taking the time to build these yourself it’s cost-effective. Especially if you don’t happen to already have the modelling background. They come with a beautiful textures and all fit the flow with one another to help you put your game together in no time. You’ll wonder why you ever tried to get by without it.

How Does UModeler Fit In?

We’ve covered UModeler before, and it’s just a fantastic asset in its own right. As far as The Medieval Town – Vermillion goes though, UModeler brings it to an entirely new level. As soon as you get these assets loaded into your game you can tweak them to your hearts content right in Unity! No need to go back and forth with Blender or 3Ds Max, it’s all right there!

Even better, since this asset was designed to provide separate Unity packages for UModeler users, the asset is going to make it easy for you to modify it to your hearts content. Your changes will be there right away, and ready for your game to keep making progress. Before long you’ll be starting to advertise your launch date with all the time you saved.

Is The Medieval Town – Vermillion worth it? Absolutely, with the time saved you’ll get your game out sooner, and more time on the market is more time in the hands of your fans.

Download Vermillion Now!

NOTE: This asset requires Unity 2019.4.12 or later.

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