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Quite honestly, level design is just a huge part of the game design process. You can spend hundreds of hours getting your code to just the right spot, and then… BAM!!!… you’re hit with hundreds more hours sitting there piecing your levels together piece by piece. Sure, you could spend a bunch more time designing your game to put itself together, but is that really the best way? Did you know that there is an asset for procedural generation in Unity that can save you an astronomical amount of time? This tool is the Procedural Generation Grid found on the Unity Asset Store!

Seriously, just take a second and watch how easy this asset makes procedural generation in Unity. You don’t have to spend hours selecting each individual item. Placing it juuuuuuuust right on the x, y and z axis’. You can generate interiors, roads, exteriors, you name it! Just watch as they put together an absolutely huge dungeon in what seems like no time at all using Procedural Generation Grid.

But Why Do I Need Procedural Generation Grid?

Honestly, I’m sure you could build it yourself. In fact I’m likely to write some tutorials on the subject before too long. Procedural Generation Grid saves you from two things. One, you don’t have to build that code. Now you may be thinking, “hmm, don’t I just have to type ‘Instantiate(GameObject, blah blah blah)” and you’re not entirely wrong! But! You need to write codes and create algorithms that will place all of these objects in specific ways. Maybe you don’t want a bunch of books to spawn in the corner like some sort of trash heap… well… unless you do. No! We19 want your procedural generation to spawn realistic lived in looking rooms and cities.

The second thing it saves you from, well you’ll remove an entire chunk of development from your dev cycle. Procedural Generation will just be something you’re not having to build. Time is money my friend! Combine this with UModeler and you’ll build your entire game out, from the comfort of the Unity Editor, in no time at all!

Looks like your game can be ready in no time! Have you already checked it out? Drop a comment below to let me know how it went!

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