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With all of the challenges in getting your game ready, getting great music for your game can fall by the wayside. All too often in the process, it’s easy to forget that you need music too. If you’ve got the talent and the time to sink into working with LMMS or Garage Band then all the power to you! These skills will serve you well as you delve deeper and deeper into your game development journey.

That being said, what if you don’t have any talent when it comes to making music? That’s certainly been the case for me. I’m awful at it. Though I’ve been practicing it’s been a slow process and it’s certainly not something that I want to hold up my Game Development aspirations for. Getting great music for your game doesn’t have to be a bottleneck requirement, and it certainly shouldn’t be something that you sacrifice quality on.

The Ultimate Game Music Collection

The Ultimate Game Music Collection from John Leonard French is an astounding selection. You get music that fits great with all kinds of different games, and the best part is that you can use it for this project, the next project, and the next. You get the idea. Whether you’re building casual games, or you need something a little more for the high-intensity first-person shooter you’re developing, you’re in good hands with John. 

John has continued to update this product, adding new tracks and genres over time. If you’re lucky you can even catch it on sale. As of writing, the package contains over 200 tracks and counting. You’d definitely be adding a valuable asset to your toolkit with this purchase.

If you’re ready to have high-quality music for your apps, check out the Ultimate Game Music Collection on the Unity Asset Store! It’s really worth the little bit of money that you’ll put in to be able to have a complete score for your games going forward. For those of us without the musical bug this is an absolute godsend.

Getting Great Music for Your Game Shouldn’t Be a Struggle

Remember, a game that never gets done isn’t going to do you any good, and ear-splitting music isn’t going to help sell your game. A package like this may seem like a copout, but as your business grows you can hire freelancers to make you custom music later. This will help you in getting great music for your game today!

Happy coding!

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