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You’ve been plugging away in Unity for a few weeks and you want to get done your game today? It’s time to check out these essential Unity assets that can speed your development along and get you finished your game today! I won’t be focusing on characters as those tend to steal attention and if your characters look like everyone else’s your players are going to know. No, instead I’m focussing on the little things in your game that you can rely on assets for and not compromise your game’s “look!”

2D Hand Painted Tilesets BUNDLE

2D Hand Painted Tilesets BUNDLE

Click here to view the 2D Hand Painted Tilesets Bundle on the Unity Asset Store

When you’re less focused on designing terrain for each individual area, you focus more on creating more levels and content for your game. If your player has more to explore, they’ll go tell their friends how much fun your game was. This pack contains several different tilesets that will help you create a world that your players can’t wait to explore. Check it out!

GUI PRO Kit – Casual Game

GUI PRO Kit - Casual Game

Click here to view the GUI Pro Kit – Casual Game on the Unity Asset Store

This is the first of two GUI sets that I’m covering in this list. While you don’t need both of them, having either can cut down your work on your GUI. This UI kit is geared mostly towards the casual game market, but depending on your game’s feel it may still fit. You need to check this package out and compare it to the other assets you’ve made or bought, to determine if this is a good fit for your game.

Ultimate Clean GUI Pack

Ultimate Clean GUI Pack

Click here to view the Ultimate Clean GUI Pack on the Unity Asset Store

Here is the other GUI pack that I’m going to recommend. This pack, while still fitting with most games even if they are more cartoony, can also be used with a variety of other game styles and genres. Between the two of these packs, you will be able to use one of them with your game and any other project you can imagine. Remember that you can use these packs in more than one game you develop for Unity. These become a longer-term investment in your game development career. 

118 sprite effects bundle

118 sprite effects bundle

Click here to view the 118 Sprite Effects Bundle on the Unity Asset Store

Even if you built all of your sprites from scratch this package could be an excellent game-enhancing asset. Go and take a few moments to scroll through the various effects this game adds and you’ll see from explosions to magical effects you’ll be able to quickly implement a variety of different gameplay mechanics with minimal effort. When you’re done your game will be ready to go, and you’ll have saved yourself countless hours. The various animations are well designed and ready to be implemented quickly. Get these assets in your game today!

500 Skill Icons vol.2

500 Skill Icons vol.2

Click here to view the 500 SKills Icons vol.2 Pack on the Unity Asset Store

With this pack, you’ll find hundreds of different icons that you can use to represent skills in your games. You’ll be able to design a skill tree, spells, or abilities, and show them off in style with these icons!

Essential Unity Assets for 2D Games

Using these assets, you’ll make progress on your game much more quickly. You will be ready to show off your game sitting on the various app stores. So what are you waiting for? Go make your game today!

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