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Unity 3D developers! The weather is phenomenal! Or maybe it isn’t. You know, because it’s up to you when you use COZY Weather. COZY Weather is the perfect Unity3D asset for you to add comprehensive weather effects to your games. Version 1.3 features a host of new updates that will let you customize the weather in ways you never thought possible. With six new atmospheric profiles, wind-zone support, and an overhauled COZY editor system, this newest version is packed with features to make your game look and feel like a real-world environment.

What Does COZY Weather Do?

COZY Weather Unity also includes a new climate module that manages temperatures and precipitation, making it easy to create the perfect weather conditions for your game. Additionally, you can now customize the model system to change how clouds and rain look in your game. And if that’s not enough, COZY Weather Unity comes with moon flares, rainbows, light scattering, galaxies, and more! Ready to go out of the box, COZY Weather Unity is the perfect tool for adding realistic weather effects into your Unity games.

With the Unity 3D asset COZY Weather, you’ll be able to give your game a unique feel without actually defining every moment of it. By setting up a climate rather than an individual moment, you simultaneously have much less work to do, but also have a much more realistic final result. Let’s say you’re making a tropical rain forest. You’d have to define when it rains, when it doesn’t, how hot it is, and on, and on, and on.

Instead, with COZY Weather, you’re defining the climate and the zones that your climate affects. The asset will take care of all that extra work for you, and you can get back to getting your characters into the game, and exploring the much more lively world that you’ll have created. It’s a fantastic idea, and execution by the developers.

How Can Weather Help Your Game Today?

In a lot of games, you’ll see some rain, but it’s the whole level. Maybe it’s not raining, maybe it’s snowing. This asset lets you control the weather, and that means you’ll be in charge and can have weather behave in much more realistic… or much more desirable ways. Those two don’t exactly always match, do they?

The developers of COZY Weather are not sitting on their behinds and reaping the rewards of their harvest either. They’re still hard at work. In the newest version, you’ve got new atmospheric profiles for cloud customization, wind-zone support, a new model system for customizing the weather, and UI improvements. It just keeps getting better.

The best part is that this asset is ready for your game right now. From the moment you install it, you’ll be working weather into your game. That’s exactly the kind of asset you want to help you make your game today! Combine this asset with some next level music and your game will have an ambiance like no other. If you’re having trouble finding good music, check out Getting Great Music for Your Game or, if you’re looking for something more unique, check out some freelance musicians at

Unity developers, COZY Weather Unity is the comprehensive weather system you need to take your game to the next level. With realistic weather effects that are easy to use and customize, COZY Weather Unity will let you add an extra layer of depth and life into your Unity games. So what are you waiting for? You owe it to your game development journey to add this to your toolkit.

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