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It’s that time of year again. Black Friday sales are ramping up and the game development world is not exempt. Wondering what you should get from the Unity Super Sale? Unity is launching their Super Sale this week and if you’re building a game you really need to check it out!

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There are tons of assets on sale, and I really only went through a page or two before I found some that really stood out to me.  This list is certainly not all-inclusive, and I’ll certainly provide more thoughts tomorrow when I have more of a chance to go through Unity’s offerings.

This one isn’t even really fair. It’s the deal of the day, and for what you get it’s well worth the total price. If you manage to catch it on sale like today, you’ll be glad you did. It’s great for any hobbyist looking to make games without perhaps the time to sink into building all of the assets for your post-apocalyptic world yourself. Think of the worlds you could build… and destroy! Maybe it’s a typical zombie game. Maybe your protagonist is actually a necromancer and this is your legion. Maybe it’s zombie battles? You know, Necro v Necro. It’s up to you! Check it out!


The Ultimate Sound Effects Bundle is 50% off. That’s a good deal! You’re getting over 9000 different sound effects. It has what your game needs I’m quite sure of that. Bullets, dragons, magic, sci-fi, and even some zombie sounds for the apocalypse pack you just nabbed there too. Honestly, it’s a fantastic price for an outstanding pack.


The modern UI pack. I mean just look at those gorgeous buttons. If you struggle with coming up with the best for your game, you know if you’re anything like me, UI packs are a godsend. Progress bars, buttons, sliders, and they’re customizable. Check this out as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a write up for you all that covers the various reasons you might want to consider the Unity Pro membership, and maybe one or two reasons you wouldn’t. Indie developers don’t need to spend money they don’t have to, and unless it’s not going to help your situation, I’m not going to recommend it. However, on the off chance, it’s what you need, maybe it’s worth checking out!

I think that’s all I’m going to cover today. Check these out either with the links above or by going to and going to their sale page. Once you integrate these into your workflow you’ll be making more progress in no time. Have a good night everyone!

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