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Perfect Alley for Your Modern Games

The modular city alley pack is a set of five different alleys that you can use to create your own modern game environment. The pack features five different types of alleys with different textures, colours and shapes.

This pack is available on the Unity 3D Asset Store and compatible with any modern game concept. Is this the location of your next big deal? The site of the final battle against an alien scourge? Or simply the way to your basement apartment? Whatever the case this asset is a high-quality alley!

Modular City Alley Pack

Features of the Modular City Alley Pack

The Modular City Alley Pack is a set of prefabs and props that allow you to build an alley scene in your game. It includes over 350 prefabs, 210 wall and floor pieces, 100 props, and everything can be used in a snap to grid fashion. The pack also has swappable materials so that you can change the color of the walls or ground on a whim and make everything look perfect.

This pack is perfect for building an urban environment for your game. It would be great for a stealth mission where the player must sneak through the alleyways to get in and out without being seen by guards. Or really, any game taking place in a modern city that you’re building with Unity 3D.

Is It Worth It?

I mean just look at the video above. I’d say the worth of the asset is based on how much it can propel you forward in your games development. The Modular City Alley Pack is going to take a ton of work out of setting up your new game world. Think of all the assets you won’t have to make, and just look at that clutter.

It’s assets like these that really lend a feeling of reality to your games, and help you finish your game today.

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