Village Interiors Kit

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Designing and building an entire 3D world is a huge endeavour. Add to that when you need to build each and every asset from scratch, and then turn around and find all the places you’re going to put it in your world. That’s a huge ask! Fortunately, packs like the Village Interiors Kit will quickly get you through the assembly stage and let you begin to fill your new game world!

With so many different assets included, you’ll have tons to fill your interior spaces with. The worst thing you can do is have huge sprawling empty rooms in your RPG. These rooms just don’t look real, they don’t look lived in. You want the dirt, you want clutter, you want some light sources! You want the world to feel alive and the best way to do this is to have tons of assets at your disposal. The Village Interiors kit contains over 2800 prefabs for your Unity build. That’s an insane number of different objects to bring your world to life. The asset has been out for quite some time and is in a very mature state. From barrels to forges to furniture, it will literally fill your world with everything you need to build your game today!

How well was the Village Interiors Kit Received?

Having been out for quite a while this asset has had the time to collect updates over years, as well as feedback. Taking a look at the feedback we can see that it is overwhelmingly positive. With only one 1 star review out of 350! To be thorough I decided to read that review and it does appear that some of the assets are more suited to a top-down game world. This may be something to consider, though in the video above you can see that many of the objects are quite well suited to the more traditional RPG open-world style.

For the rest of the reviews, they heap praise on the developer and outline how much this has sped up their game development. When you consider how long it could take for you to build these assets individually, it’s no surprise that this is a massive time saver. For even half as many assets, the price of the Village Interiors Kit is certainly worth it!

Brute Force Grass Shader

Best Grass Shader I’ve Seen! Brute Force – Grass Shader may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

If you spend much time on Twitter, you’ve definitely stumbled upon Brute Force sharing GIFs of this grass shader from time to time. Usually, there is a stone rolling around in circles, leaving behind it a trail in the grass, sometimes with rain falling and creating their own little holes in the tiny foliage. If you’ve seen this, then you know exactly what I’m talking about with Brute Force – Grass Shader. This grass shader is something else!

With functionality that works across devices, and simple drag and drop materials, Brute Force – Grass Shader will be running in your game today! The grass is customizable, can both receive and cast shadows, and is ready to do basically whatever you need it to do. I’ve been pretty excited for this one to come out for a while because the GIFs on Twitter have been very impressive! Just look at the video in Brute Force’s tweet above! 

Are People Talking about Brute Force – Grass Shader?

Being a really new asset on the store at this time, there aren’t a lot of reviews. It’s currently rated at 4/5 stars but I expect that will increase pretty soon! Reading the one negative review it seems as though there may be a misunderstanding, and the developer has reached out to try and rectify the issue. With great developer support and a fantastic-looking product, I think this grass shader is a win!

HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit is Here to Blow You Away may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

This asset is going to blow you away. I’m just going to start there. The HurricaneVR Physics Interaction toolkit is a no-brainer if you’re building a VR game, especially if you happen to already have the HexaBody VR Player Controller. These two assets make for a seriously high-powered development combination!

Watching the video above, you can see the responsive hand physics at play. You can many of the various actions that you’ll be able to take in your new world. Smashing, grabbing, stabbing, toppling. All of this saving you plenty of time in your development process!

You can even have a loose grip and move it around, honestly, HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit is a fantastic asset with plenty of uses for the independent developer, and with it, you’ll be able to make your game today.

So Many 5 Star Reviews!!!!

Okay, let’s be real for a moment. When an asset has nothing but 5-star reviews there are only two real possibilities. The first possibility is that they’re playing a game, however the second, and based on the video above and reading through these actual reviews, you can see that no games are being played here!

Multiple reviews mention purchasing both Hexabody VR Player Controller and HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit together, and watching their videos and reading their accounts it’s easy to understand why. These assets will both save you countless development hours in not having to design and build your player controller from the ground up, and then rely on the framework provided in HurricaneVR Physics Interaction Toolkit for your object interactions, again saving you hundreds of hours!

Your game can literally be playing in no time at all. The best part is, with the basics of your VR game taken care of, you can spend more time focusing on really immersing your player into the game world that you’ve built for them. Combine this with your game performing like the player will expect and you have a winning combination.

It seems if you’re developing a VR game as an indie developer using the Unity framework, this is the way to go!


Check Out Hexabody VR Player Controller for Unity! may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!


So you’re making a VR Game. Well if so you’ve got to check out HexaBody VR Player Controller and you just might save yourself hours of development time!

Using six different rigid bodies to build up your player character, Cloudwalkin Games’ Hexabody VR Player Controller provides you with a wonderful set up to get you moving along with your virtual reality games! Just look at the video above and how well the player is able to move through and interact with the environment. 

Your player character will be able to run, jump and crouch using the Hexabody VR system. It will take hours off of your development time, let you get through prototyping much faster, and help you on your way to making your game today! There are plenty of different settings that you can use as well to make sure that everything flows just right.

Also, if you happen to grab the HurricaneVR Physics Interactions as well, you’d end up with a variety of interesting and fun dynamics that you can use to play with your environments.

What’s the Buzz?

Sometimes extremely useful packages wind up having very divided reviews. That is NOT the case at all with the Hexabody VR Player Controller. All of the reviews on the asset store page are absolutely glowing, though many of them do stress that it works best if you also have HurricaneVR Physics Interactions.

Becomming known in the community as a full-fledged framework for your VR Player controller needs, HexaBody VR Player Controller is ready to be in your game. Are you ready to make it?


Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development Book may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

So,  you’re looking for a book that’s going to jump-start your Unity game development Journey huh? Well, that’s great! Putting in a little time and effort can get you ahead much faster than if you simply tinker with the environment on your own. I do hope before you take this step you’ve taken the time to follow at least some of the tutorials on Unity’s Learning Website.If you have a chance, be sure to check out the tutorials there first as you may find what you’re looking for. That being said, not all of us learn best when we’re watching videos. Further, maybe you don’t want to be tied to your computer while you learn about game development! Those are both valid reasons to check out some great books that can help you along!

Available in both a Kindle and Paperback copy, the Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development book was designed to quickly teach you about using Unity’s newest features in a very practical way. You’ll learn about Unity’s scripting capabilities, and how you can use C# to manipulate various game mechanics. It even covers newer features like the Universal Render Pipeline and the Shader Graph. Whatever you’re getting into Unity for this book will get you up to speed.

When you decide you want to make a game, you don’t always have all the tools available right away. When you do, perhaps you don’t have the experience you need to get the game done. Following along and learning with books such as this are a great way to get your game done today! This book is literally for any would-be game developer who wants to see their creation get out into the world.

What are other people saying about it?

Well, it’s quite a popular book and rated quite well on Amazon. You’ll have no problem at all going from being a complete newb when it comes to game development, to loading up with a plan every time.

Reviews on Amazon, as usual, run the gambit. The most scathing review there mentions the lack of coverage of online lobbies and racing games. I think it’s important to stress that picking up this book, or any other book for that matter won’t make you a master game designer overnight, but rather give you the tools you’ll need to hone your skills so that you can one day build the game of your dreams.

Some reviewers mention that the pictures being in black and white can cause some issues when you are trying to compare what you are looking at on your computer to what you’re looking at in the book, however, its quite clear reading through the verified purchases that this book covers the basics of game design in a detailed and goal-oriented manner.

Overall, Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development is definitely a good bet for helping you finish your game today!


#YGTInspiration Post, Your Game Today

#YGTInspiration January 16, 2021 Post! may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

It’s Saturday again, which means I spent the morning trolling around Twitter and tried to find as many cool and interesting Indie game developers and their games as I could. I want you to build your game today, and the inspiration from these other developers might be just what you need. Remember, these are in no particular order, and I only selected projects that really excited me! So, in lieu of coffee, I present to you today’s #YGTInspiration post! 

Multiplayer Action RPG!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the current top tweet from a very exciting indie game dev who is almost ready to release their game. Judging from the preview above it looks like it’s got a lot of polish, and like they said it’s almost ready to go! What an exciting time in a game developer’s journey!

Visual Novels are Powerful Story Telling Devices


Just look at the way this room casts doubt and suspense on the player. I have as active an imagination as my children sure, but something about a visual novel allows the creator to literally give their ‘reader’ the exact emotions that they intended to convey. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these can be million-word novels.

And Some Creepy Arachnid Type Things!


You know, initially, I wanted to just keep scrolling because while I wouldn’t say I’m an arachnophobe, things like this are just unsettling. I swear I kill my own spiders! Regardless, I couldn’t pass up how well this was done and how the movement conveys urgency to… well… kill them all! The spiders… umm… not the lawyers… ha…

Futuristic World of R4i


I love this clip. It shows a world not so much like I’d expect the populous cities of our not-so-distant future… or Beijing… Tokyo… New York… with even more LEDs! More importantly, though this clip shows off a nice, stylized UI, fluid movement and thoughtful level design in the Unreal Engine. Very cool looking!

A Nice 2D Adventure Style Game, Now With Limited Ammo!


Might seem like a strange headline but they’re proud of it and I’m proud of them for it! Games need to have at least some challenge for them to hold onto the attention of your players. Limiting ammo forces the player to conserve it, and use it wisely, instead of just painting the walls with paintball mode on in the favourite shooter of our youths…

Anyhow, this is an excellent example of one of the ways you can increase the challenge of your game. Further, it gives you an option to increase the difficulty without just modifying the HP of the enemy. Ammo scarcity is a great game difficulty mechanic!

Are you ready to get going on your game today? If you’re through looking at today’s #YGTInspiration post, maybe some of these assets could help!

Be Prepared or Face Your Doom!

A strategy game that requires forethought and preparation! Sign me up! I love how the various units definitely have their own individual roles, and that it truly appears you need to have a little strategy going in order to progress. All in all this one looks like it’s coming together nicely! Bonus to that I found another game engine, Fusion, which I was not previously aware of. Awesome!


Majestic Floating Islands


I know a lot of games do it, but honestly, when it’s done well it looks awesome. The floating islands thing is a fantastic way to break up – I thank you – the landscape and present some variability in your game world. With the vines and such underneath to add just a little bit more to these islands, they look really nice!

Government Plaza IS Getting Pretty Awesome


I agree with Mark, this level is getting huge, and starting to look pretty damn good. Excellent work, can’t wait to see it come together and see what you do with the world!


The second that this showed up on my timeline I knew I was going to share it. I just want to see this mechanic in a sports game or something. You’re playing soccer in a field, and you kick the ball but oh no! You missed the net, it flies by and swiftly smashes into a forest as these spring-loaded monstrosities bounce about. Amazing. This is an awesome mechanic!

Cars Go Boom!


No traffic system is complete without the cars ramming each other at odd intervals and making a mess of the road. I love it. This is well put together by the looks of it and I think the random collisions is something missing from some of the bigger simulation games. Or maybe I just never noticed because I’m so focused on building my world… it’s one of the two. 

I want to thank all the game developers who strut their stuff every week, and for all those, I featured here on the Your Game Today #YGTInspiration Post, thank you so much for your contribution. If you happen to want your game removed, let me know and I’ll do so as soon as possible.

I want you to get started with your game today! Check out other posts on this blog, and our home page to find more resources for you to get started!

Grabbit Feature Image, Realism in a game.

Realism in a Game – Grabbit Can Help may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

Trying to achieve realism in a game is a huge multi-faceted venture. Have you ever been playing a game and something just seems off? You look around, and sure there’s plenty of clutter on the desks but overall it just doesn’t seem like ‘stuff’ would be spread out that way? Like the stapler is a millimetre off of the desk, and the cup holding the pencils seems to have issues with clipping? Things like this are easy to miss at the developer stage, those pencils aren’t your main concern, the overall level is, but those pencils can destroy the illusion and prevent the realism in a game.

What Are Your Options?

Of course, without spending an insane amount of time being incredibly meticulous, you’re going to have this happen once or twice in your game. If you are like me you want your game today, not tomorrow, not next month, you want to get to release. That’s why I am going to go over a few things that you can do to minimize the chance of destroying the illusion of realism in a game that you have worked so hard for. Here we go.

  1. The first thing you need to do is really consider the context of the scene you’re building. If you’re making a scene in a warehouse, you’re less likely to have a bunch of office equipment there… unless… you know… it’s the Office… Anyhow, all I’m saying is really put some thought into the kind of clutter that you are placing in your scenes. Unless it’s an easter egg, you shouldn’t have a rubber duck in every scene. 
  2. Another important thing to note is that for objects with collision, you want to have a simple collision box, but you don’t want to have it so complex that it destroys your scene. Assets built for background purposes should really have a low polygon count as well so as not to impact the performance of your game. No matter how realistic the clutter in your game looks, a pencil with 17M faces spawned 17 times in a room is going to hit your performance big time.
  3. Lastly, take a look at Grabbit, it’s a new tool that takes some of the physical analysis out of your hands, and helps you to deliver a much more realistic world.

Grabbit and What it Can Do In Unity To Achieve Realism in a Game 

How is your game today? Is it coming along? Are you ready to place all that clutter around your levels? If you are then you’ve likely already realized how tedious level design is. Well, Grabbit is the tool that can cut a lot of that work out of the equation. Just look at the video below. Grabbit uses physics to control the movement while you use the positioning tool just as you normally would with Unity. Except for this time, your objects will collide and move with the environment instead of through it. In terms of assembling your game today, you’ll end up with a much more interesting, and more important believable world!


Watching the video above, you can see how Grabbit from the Unity Asset store will help you make your game quicker and get done making your game today! Check it out, it’s one of many tools and assets available from Unity that can get your game ready for release today!

For more assets that can help you make your game today, check out Essential Unity Assets for 3D Games and see what else you can speed up!

Until next time, happy game development!

How To Make An Explosion Sound

Make an Explosion for Your Game Today may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

Sound effects are integral to how your game is perceived by the player, and you’re here to make an explosion for your game today. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a car that we can blow up to get that perfect, license-free explosion sound. Fortunately, there is a free tool called Audacity that allows you to edit sounds on your computer, and you know what we’re going to start with? A clap. That’s it. We’re going to start with a clap and end with a believable explosion sound. So let’s get to it!

Step by Step Instructions to Make An Explosion Sound with Audacity

  • The first step to make an explosion for your game today is to install Audacity if you have not already done so. Click here to go to Audacity’s download page.
  • Once you’ve installed and run Audacity, you should see the following.
Opening Screen of Audacity
The opening screen of Audacity from which we will create the Explosion Sound.
  • Next, we’re going to record your clap which we will convert into an explosion. To do this, click the record button (the red circle highlighted below) and then clap somewhat near your microphone. After your clap, click the stop button to stop the recording. You should end up with something very similar to this. It sounds… like a clap. 
The Record Button - Audacity
The Record Button – Audacity
  • Let’s do some preparation work. Leaving about a third of the trailing sound, select the rest and then press delete to remove the sound. Then, select from the beginning of the track until just before the clap starts, and then press delete. This will ensure that your explosion occurs on demand. 
    Recorded Clap with Sections to Remove - Audacity
    Recorded Clap with Sections to Remove – Audacity


  • Press CTRL+A to select your whole track and then we’re going to click the “Effect” menu, and select Paulstretch as shown in the next two images. If the settings are not already as below, adjust them.


The Effects Menu - Audacity
The Effects Menu – Audacity


Paulstretch Effect - Audacity
Paulstretch Effect – Audacity
  • Next return to the Effects menu, and select “Change Pitch…” Ensure that the settings are as below, and apply the change. It is important to make sure that “Use high-quality stretching (slow)” is selected.
Change Pitch Menu - Audacity
Change Pitch Menu – Audacity
  • Click the effects menu again, and select “Bass and Treble,” set the settings as below, and click apply.
Bass and Treble Options - Audacity
Bass and Treble Options – Audacity
  • For the second last time, click the effects menu and select “Add Echo” and set the settings as below.
Echo Settings - Audacity
Echo Settings – Audacity
  • Two more steps, now that the sound is stretched out, we want to get rid of some of the noise. This part may be up to your discretion a bit, but select about where you see my noise jump up about 60% of the way through the sound, and then highlight until the end. Click the Effect Menu and select “Noise Reduction…” You have to have the section you are working selected with before you click this option and you’ll have to click “Get Noise Profile” and then the window will close. Open it again and click “OK.”
  • There you have it, you’ve turned your clap into a passable explosion sound. You can play with the settings above, and other settings too to tweak it, but this should be a great place to start.

To the trained ear, of course, you will know it’s not a major explosion, but it’s a passable one if you don’t want to expend too much time or energy on your game at this point. You can also use these methods to produce other sounds, such as bubble popping, add bass to a knock on the table to make it scarier, you can do a lot with Audacity to help you make your game today. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial to make an explosion for your game today!

Here’s the end result from above!

An Alternative to Make an Explosion for Your Game Today – Plugins for Audacity

I made this guide relying on methods that involved only the Audacity program as downloaded, however, if you do some searching online you will find that there are many plugins for the program, and I even stumbled across one which allows you to generate an explosion sound on command. You can find many plugins on the Audacity Wiki here!

More Home Made Solutions For Even More than Making an Explosion

Audacity certainly isn’t the only free program available to help you with your game making adventures! Check out my article on Medium about various tools you can use to get started making games! For even more reading check out my guide here with even more information!

The Easier Way, The Ultimate Sound FX Bundle from the Unity Asset Store

Of course, when you’re looking to get your game done today you have to consider the total amount of time you’re going to invest. When it comes to making each sound using the above methods you’re going to be spending a lot of time, and if you’re like me you’ll be using the microphone on your computer, or your phone, and the end result won’t exactly be professional quality. It’ll be close, but not quite there.

You can save yourself a lot of time by grabbing the Ultimate Sound FX Bundle from the Unity Asset Store. This bundle contains 1370 different sound effects that you can use in your games. I spent about 45 minutes just trying to come up with the tutorial above and I’ve used Audacity before, not a lot, but I have. If I had to make each one by hand, well let’s just bump that release date back now.

Ultimate Sound FX Bundle

Save yourself the trouble. Seriously.

Until next time, keep at it, game development is a long game, and every day you put in more effort, the closer you get to your goal!

Can the Unity 3D Game Engine Make the Same Quality of Games as Other Engines? YES!

Can the Unity 3D Game Engine Compete With Other Engines? may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

I stumbled upon a question on Quora not too long ago asking “is the Unity 3D game engine as good as other engines?” I thought the question was kind of entertaining, to say the least, but then I stewed on it for a couple of days. Some of the answers seemed to imply that Unity isn’t as feature-rich. That it can’t compete, and that if you want to make a AAA quality game you’d best look elsewhere.

I have to say, that has me completely shocked. Not because it was asked, but rather because some of the answers seemed to imply that it was true. Sure, there were those that quickly came to the defence of Unity, but that’s not what you want to see in a community. Regardless, I wanted to set the record straight with this article today. I really love the Unity 3d game engine, and I like Unreal too. The only other engine I’ve ever used was SpriteKit as part of Swift, and I enjoyed it well enough.

Is the Unity 3D Game Engine as Good as Other Engines?

Well, the perfect place to start with this question is with the Unity 3D game engine itself of course. The folks over at Unity are maintaining a page showing off the best games that have been made with Unity. Just take a quick scroll through the list of games made with Unity! Of course, it’s not a complete list, but just take a look at some of these amazing creations! There’s Coco VR, Cities Skylines, and Praey for the Gods! The variations in these games are astounding, and they show the extent of the variability in the use of the Unity 3D Engine!

There are plenty of different games in development, many of which you can see in development live on Twitter with the #IndieGameDev. Many of these games are using Unity and you don’t see a lot of complaints. You see, Unity and Unreal compare to one another like Krita and GIMP which are both digital art programs. An artist can use either of these programs to create amazing works of art, and in the same way, a talented game developer could use either of these engines to create a very enjoyable game for their players! 

The internet is full of people asking if they should switch from Unity 3D game engine to Unreal, or from whichever engine they’re using to whichever engine they just found. I’m here to tell you that you’re looking too far into this. If you’ve started with one engine unless you’ve run into a technical limitation of which you are not able to get around, keep going. Just get your game done, you can do it! 

Unity, Unreal, Godot, the games they produce will be the sum of the assets, and talented developers’ efforts to assemble their games. Gold can be found anywhere.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve stuck around this long, I really want you to know, whatever game you’re building, with whatever engine you’re building it with, if you put in the time, and the work, you’ll make something you can be proud of. Getting a game to the point of commercial success is a test of your patience. It won’t happen on your first, third, or maybe even fifteenth game, but with each, you’ll learn something. 

For more tips and thoughts on Game Development, check out our blog!

Essential Unity Assets for 2D Games may be compensated when you make purchases after following affiliate links on this website. For more information, click here. Thank you!

You’ve been plugging away in Unity for a few weeks and you want to get done your game today? It’s time to check out these essential Unity assets that can speed your development along and get you finished your game today! I won’t be focusing on characters as those tend to steal attention and if your characters look like everyone else’s your players are going to know. No, instead I’m focussing on the little things in your game that you can rely on assets for and not compromise your game’s “look!”

2D Hand Painted Tilesets BUNDLE

2D Hand Painted Tilesets BUNDLE

Click here to view the 2D Hand Painted Tilesets Bundle on the Unity Asset Store

When you’re less focused on designing terrain for each individual area, you focus more on creating more levels and content for your game. If your player has more to explore, they’ll go tell their friends how much fun your game was. This pack contains several different tilesets that will help you create a world that your players can’t wait to explore. Check it out!

GUI PRO Kit – Casual Game

GUI PRO Kit - Casual Game

Click here to view the GUI Pro Kit – Casual Game on the Unity Asset Store

This is the first of two GUI sets that I’m covering in this list. While you don’t need both of them, having either can cut down your work on your GUI. This UI kit is geared mostly towards the casual game market, but depending on your game’s feel it may still fit. You need to check this package out and compare it to the other assets you’ve made or bought, to determine if this is a good fit for your game.

Ultimate Clean GUI Pack

Ultimate Clean GUI Pack

Click here to view the Ultimate Clean GUI Pack on the Unity Asset Store

Here is the other GUI pack that I’m going to recommend. This pack, while still fitting with most games even if they are more cartoony, can also be used with a variety of other game styles and genres. Between the two of these packs, you will be able to use one of them with your game and any other project you can imagine. Remember that you can use these packs in more than one game you develop for Unity. These become a longer-term investment in your game development career. 

118 sprite effects bundle

118 sprite effects bundle

Click here to view the 118 Sprite Effects Bundle on the Unity Asset Store

Even if you built all of your sprites from scratch this package could be an excellent game-enhancing asset. Go and take a few moments to scroll through the various effects this game adds and you’ll see from explosions to magical effects you’ll be able to quickly implement a variety of different gameplay mechanics with minimal effort. When you’re done your game will be ready to go, and you’ll have saved yourself countless hours. The various animations are well designed and ready to be implemented quickly. Get these assets in your game today!

500 Skill Icons vol.2

500 Skill Icons vol.2

Click here to view the 500 SKills Icons vol.2 Pack on the Unity Asset Store

With this pack, you’ll find hundreds of different icons that you can use to represent skills in your games. You’ll be able to design a skill tree, spells, or abilities, and show them off in style with these icons!

Essential Unity Assets for 2D Games

Using these assets, you’ll make progress on your game much more quickly. You will be ready to show off your game sitting on the various app stores. So what are you waiting for? Go make your game today!

If you need more inspiration, check out our latest #YGTInspiration Post!